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Merry Christmas!

Well, folks the day is finally here! Christmas Eve! Can you believe it?!? This time tomorrow, my children will have already ripped through all their presents from Santa and will be playing contently in their rooms while we enjoy and make the most of a quiet Christmas at home. I always enjoy our little Christmases’. […] Read more…


The Quiet Moments in Parenthood

Tonight was a night that I haven’t been looking forward to. Tonight was the night that my husband was to go out to celebrate his brother’s 30th, which he did, and I am so glad that he had the opportunity to escape the four walls for a little adult conversation and enjoyment of dinner without […] Read more…


20 Years

Today my littler sister, Danielle, should have been 20. 20 years…. 20 years since we held her in our arms for the first time, knowing the sad and grim reality that we would never get to bring her home. 20 years of trying to wrap our heads around why someone so little and so innocent […] Read more…

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