The new year is finally here. With a new year comes new goals (and savings!)

Money Saving Tips For Families

Many people shift their focus to detoxing during the new year. The reality is we tend to overindulge during the holidays. Between the treats and the spending, most tend to over do it. Hey – I get it. I am guilty of it too.

While some will view the new year as a time to start new diets and workout regimes. Others will work on exercising new money management goals and detox their bank accounts. Between shopping for gifts, holiday dinners, baking and holiday parties – the reality is things add up quite quickly over the holidays. Use January as a time to make more money conscious decisions, detox your bank account and save a little.

Need some inspiration? This list of money saving tips for families will help you get on the right track without limiting the way you and your family live, showing you creative ways to save money, earn rewards and have fun!

9 Money Saving Tips for Families

Subscribe and Save. Are you an Amazon member? If not, now is a great time to join. Shopping on Amazon for everyday household products, like diapers and wipes, makes life so much more convenient. Not only can you earn just from signing up to their Subscribe & Save program, but it is unreal and shipping is always free! It’s my go-to for ordering the bulkier everyday household items, like toilet paper, paper towel, Pampers Baby Wipes and Pampers Cruisers. You just have to set-up the purchase and schedule regular deliveries in a timeframe that works best for you – whether that be monthly or every 6 months. Just from doing that you earn the benefit of great savings and having the item(s) shipped free right to your door.

Order Groceries Online. Are you an impulse buyer when you grocery shop? It is so easy to add on necessary items to your cart when you shop at the grocery store, especially if you shop when you are hungry. Put a halt to the unnecessary purchases and place your grocery order online for a future pick-up. A great way to not only save yourself time, but it helps ensure you stick to your meal plan and saves you money.

Meal Plan and Cook More. Each week make a point to sit down as a family and meal plan. When meal planning try to pick meals that week that use similar ingredients, so when you purchase your weekly groceries you can use certain pantry staples or grocery items for more than one meal. That being said, you can also plan meals that can have the leftovers used in future meals. Making a roast chicken? Use the leftovers to make a chili or soup another night. It is amazing how creative you can get with your meals when you actually set a plan in motion. Just imagine the money you will be saving by eating at home more regularly.

Make Use of Coupons. Keep your eye on weekly flyers for great deals and coupons that you can apply to towards future purchases. Alternatively, you could download a money-saving app to your phone, like, Flipp. This app makes it easy to browse flyers and clip items straight to your shopping list.

Use Your Pampers Rewards App. So often we sign-up for rewards programs and forget about them. Aim to make better use of those rewards programs. Take the Pampers Rewards App for instance. Download the app to your smart device, and when you purchase your Pampers products make a point to scan in the rewards code to your device immediately to earn great rewards and savings.

Purge, Sell and/or Donate. The start of a new year is a great time to purge. Out with the old and in with the new is the saying after all, right?!? We accumulate so much stuff over the years. Take the time to go through old clothes, toys and accessories. Donate and/or sell what you can.

Shop Second Hand. Children grow so quickly, and with that they outgrow what they wear, use and play with fast. Shop at local thrift and second-hand stores for new clothing, toys and furniture. After all what may be old to one person can be new and cool to another.

Cut Back on “Fun” Expenses. You don’t always need to go out to have fun. Plan a weekly family date night at home. Whether it be Friday pizza and movie nights – where each family member can design their own homemade pizza creation at home before you nestle in for an evening of movie watching or board games. Alternatively, keep your eye on Groupon for discounts on fun family outings to local attractions.

Save 20% of Your Pay. Life can change in the blink of an eye. With that said, you never truly know when an unexpected expense can pop up. Make a point to try to set aside some money from each pay cheque each month. This money can be used as an emergency fund or you could even allocate some of it towards future trips. Whatever you decide to use the savings for at least you can breathe a little easier knowing you have something set aside in the event you should need it.

I’ve been using Pampers since day one and only partner with brands I truly love, prior to being contacted. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Money Saving Tips For Families

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