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“What do the kids want for Christmas?” A question that I hear all to often that quite often I just don’t have an answer to.

Let’s face it buying gifts for kids can be tricky. With so much out there on the market, it can be so hard to gauge what will be the hottest toy and what will just be a sheer miss that holiday season.

I know I have been there all too often. The kids are given a present, and they enjoy it for all of an hour and then it collects dust the remainder of the year. That is where I am stepping in to help you this holiday season by sharing some of my favourite gift ideas for kids from Jakks Pacific that I am sure will be a hit this holiday season.

Top 3 Gift Ideas for Kids from Jakks Pacific

Gift Ideas for Kids from Jakks Pacific

Gift Ideas from Jakks Pacific

Squish-Dee-Lish. These adorable, slow-rising squishables are perfect for the little collector. They are the latest trend in blind bag collectible toys. Combining two of everyone’s favorite things – animals and desserts – Squish-Dee-Lish are cute enough to eat! with 24 to collect, you can bet that many little ones will find these in their stocking this year. (MSRP: $7.99, 3+)

Gift Ideas from Jakks Pacific

Pull My Finger. Introducing Pull My Finger – the hilarious game that combines two things people love: passing gas and monkeys! Spin the dial and watch his butt inflate with each pull. Reverse directions, skip a turn – make him pop and you win! How long can he hold it in? This fun knew game from Jakks Pacific is sure to bring out joy and much laughter this Christmas. (MSRP $24.99, 6+)

Gift Ideas from Jakks Pacific

Glow ‘n Style Rapunzel. Know a little one who is not only obsessed with Disney, but obsessed with styling hair? If so, this Glow ‘n Style Rapunzel doll is the perfect toy for them. With the push of a button, Rapunzel’s hair will begin to glow as she says 17 phrases and sings, “I See the Light.“ Kids can create lots of different styles for Rapunzel with beautiful hair clips that girls can wear too. (MSRP $59.99, 3+)

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2 Comments on Top 3 Gift Ideas for Kids from Jakks Pacific

  1. Heather Lynne
    December 11, 2017 at 1:58 pm (1 month ago)

    The Rapunzel doll is so cute! My girls would’ve loved that when they were a little younger! It’s actually been kinda sad to look at the toys this season and realize that they’ve grown out of some of them 🙁

  2. Jennifer Van Huss
    December 11, 2017 at 7:11 pm (1 month ago)

    This is a great list of products! My kids would love the pull my finger monkey! I can just imagine the fun we could have with this! My daughter would go crazy for the Rapunzel doll! Think of all the hair dos you could do!


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