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Halloween is just under a week away!! Let those spooky festivities begin! Whether you are heading out to a Halloween party or just planning to relax at home, make sure to carve out sometime to get into the spooktacular spirit with the help of Netflix!

Netflix has put together a frightful viewing route of shows and movies ranked from family friendly to scared for your life. Do you dare try to make it to the end before October 31st?

Netflix suggests the following trick, treat or binge order: Hotel Transylvania, Casper, Stranger Things 2, Slasher, Bates Motel, Paranormal Activity, Friday the 13th, Exorcist, Hush, and capping it all off with Evil Dead.

Sounds like quite the daunting task, right? I mean what if you make it through the first few family-friendly movies. Get the kids to bed and plan to carry on with the scared for your life movies when your greeted with the whisper from the dark hallway, “Mommy, I can’t sleep!” or “Daddy, I need more water.”

This is why we have pulled some of our favourite family-friendly titles from the suggested route, and thrown in some of our own! Make your journey an uninterrupted one that the whole family can enjoy and skip those bedtime battles.

Grab a cozy blanket, some candy and binge the heck out of our top 6 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies on Netflix!

Super Monsters

Six preschool kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.

Hotel Transylvania 

Hotel Transylvania owner Dracula pulls double duty as an overprotective dad when an unwelcome suitor shows interest in his teenage daughter.

Hotel Transylvania 2

After Mavis weds Jonathan and baby Dennis arrives, Dracula looks for proof that his grandson is a vampire and needs to remain in Transylvania.


In this live-action feature, Scooby and the gang journey to Spooky Island, where a magical force is awakened that could spell doom for the human race.


Turning the classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” on its head, this fantasy drama tells the story from the point of view of the evil godmother Maleficent. 


A teen is glum about moving to a small town until he falls for his new neighbor. But her dad is a horror writer whose scary world soon turns real.

AND… A big…AND… Should those little ghouls tire early no need to fret! The second season of Stranger Things 2 premiered today, October 27th! I know what I’ll be watching. How about you?

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