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When you discover a new favourite show or movie on Netflix, the last thing you want to do is watch it alone. With a home full of SIX potential binge-mates, the perfect couch partner is just one persuasive conversation away from joining in at anytime.

If you are like me you have heard every excuse in thhe book… I’m too big for cartoons now. I don’t like scary stuff. That movie’s for little kids. Despite the excuses that others may bring to the table, no one beats the power of (entertainment) persuasion that Mom, Dad, your children or even your friends can bring to the table.

So how do you persuade a loved one or friend to check out your favourite TV show?

It’s easy with these 4 tips!

How to Persuade Someone to Watch Your Favourite TV Show in 4 Simple Steps

Talk about your favourite show ALL the time. No seriously – start talking about your favourite show and just don’t stop. Share why you love it. Your favourite characters. Everything.

Compare the show to another show. Does the person you are trying to persuade love a show with a similar premise? Introduce the compare tactic and you are sure to begin reeling them in.

Show them a trailer. Like most movies these days, many shows also now feature previews or trailers. These can be gold when trying to convince someone to watch a show. Heck – they sure helped me convince my husband to watch Ozark and my kids – Fuller House. (Hey – if you haven’t watched either… You must!)

Tease. If the above three suggestions haven’t worked, tease away! Give away a tease of a twist or what happens in the show without spoiling it.

All else fails… Repeat all 4 steps over and over again until the person you are trying to persuade gets so sick of hearing you talk about it that they cave and give the show a go!

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