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Summer is upon us. One of my favourite seasons of the year. A time that finds my family to spend a lot more time outdoors. With that also means that I spend a lot less time in the kitchen.

Quite often you will find us barbecuing our meals, and the desserts that I would usually once bake up to enjoy after a weeknight meal don’t tend to happen. Thankfully I have  HERSHEY Pudding Cups to turn to during the summer bind.

These refrigerated pudding cups make the perfect quick and easy Summer dessert. You can eat them straight up or jazz them up in any way that your heart desires. Just be warned chocoholics once you have one spoonful you won’t be able to stop there! No, no… These pudding cups don’t last more than a day in our house!

Planning to pick yourself up some chocolate pudding in the near future? Check out these fun ways to jazz up your pudding cups!

Dirt and Worms. Open your chocolate pudding cup. Sprinkle with chocolate crumbs and top with gummy worms.

No-Bake Saltine Cake. Place saltine crackers in the bottom of a bowl. Add a layer of chocolate pudding followed with layer of cool whip. Continue with two more layers. Refrigerate 12 hours or more before enjoying.

Chocolate Strawberry Trifle. Slice up pound cake and add to the bottom of a bowl. Top with chocolate pudding, sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Add another layer or two, and enjoy.

S’mores Pudding. If you can’t locate the HERSHEY S’mores Pudding in stores don’t fret it. Pick up the Chocolate Pudding instead and top it with mini marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles.

Single-Serve Pudding Pop. Peel back your Hershey’s Pudding Cup and pop in a popsicle stick. Store in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy once frozen.

Want to try out HERSHEY Chocolate and/or S’mores Pudding Cups for yourself? Grab the coupon and rewards! Trust me when I say you won’t regret it!

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