Motherhood has been one of the joyous and most rewarding times of my life, but it has also been one of the most challenging times in my life too. There sure is a learning curve that comes with motherhood. One that is always ongoing and sometimes leaves you wondering if you are even cut out for the job.

I often found myself wondering what I had gotten myself into during the new Mom phase of my life. Those were some of the harder times. The time when everything is so new, and you beat yourself up over not knowing how to handle each and every little thing. Over-analyzing every baby cry. Oh – did my kids ever know how to cry! They sure had a set of lungs on them!

Trust me when I say a lot of my days saw me soothing my boys. Both were extremely colicky during infancy. I use to joke around and say that had my first son been my first born child that I probably wouldn’t have ever had another. That “joke” was probably more fact than anything else.

I can recall feeling like I was so alone. My son would cry ALL. THE. TIME. I would never leave the house for fear of being judged while out in public because he would cry.

The one time I eventually did bring myself to leave the house, I went to the grocery store and I can remember standing in line to cash out with my son in the carrier. His cries were blood curdling. My anxiety was high. Before the cashier can even say hello, she pipes up to tell me that maybe I should focus more on feeding my child because obviously he is hungry. When in reality she had no idea what we were going through or about our battle with colic. It was extremely discouraging.

In a time when I felt I had no village to support me, her comments made me feel that much more inadequate as a Mother.

Time has come and gone, and since the birth of my second child I have since had two  more children. Another of which who has had an experience with a bout of colic as well.

During my 8 years of motherhood, it is safe to say that I have had more than my fair share of experiences when it comes to dealing with a colicky baby. During this time I have really been able to come in tune with what techniques have and haven’t worked when it comes down to soothing a baby during a bout of colic.

So – if you have fallen upon this article while your baby is screaming and in a ton of discomfort, desperately hoping for something to give – I am here to share with you some of my go-to tips for soothing a colicky baby.

Wear your baby. It really is that simple. Put your baby in the carrier and walk, sway, or gently dance/bounce with your little one.

Bounce on an exercise ball. Sit on a stability ball and gently bounce up and down while holding your baby. This technique was seriously my lifesaver! Not only that it doubled as a great way to work on strengthening the pelvic floor.

Swaddle your baby. The swaddle can help to calm and soothe baby as it mimics the close quarters of the womb. When dealing with colic this maybe one technique that helps you get your little one to settle and sleep whether in your arms or in their craddle. My guys always preferred my arms, but when faced with these colicky situations you follow your motherly instincts and just do what works!

Administer Homepathic Medicine. The one colic homepathic medication I found to be most effective being Boiron’s Cocyntal. It has a sterile water–based formulation that contains no sugar, colouring or preservatives. I use to keep Boiron’s Cocyntal on hand in the diaper bag and on every level of my home. It saw regular everyday use during my boys first years. I would use it time and time again to help relieve the abdominal cramps, gas, and cramps that come with baby colic; Working like a dream each use. I loved that the Boiron’s Cocyntal was all pre-measured. Heaven knows that when your baby is fussing you don’t want to have to muster about trying to measure and administer medicine from a dropper.

Infant Massage. Every evening I would make a point of offering infant massage prior to bedtime. I would start at the base of the ribcage and massage the abdomen in a clockwise, circular motion. Making smaller circles after each go round until reaching the navel. There are many great YouTube videos that can teach you how to do this technique safely.

Bicycle Legs. It is really as simple as that. Bicycling your infants legs can help to relieve gas pains and cramps. It also helps to relieve constipation. Just like infant massage, you can find many great videos on YouTube that will teach you how to perform this technique correctly.

So – If you are feeling at your wits end with the colic, I feel for you! Give these techniques a try and you may find that you and your little one find a little bit of solace. Even if just for a moment.

And – when you grow past this phase just know that Boiron has many other great homepathic medicines ready to support your family bringing you and your children relief. One of my other favourites right now is Quietude. Great for the child who has trouble settling at night! Ahem – my older daughter. But – that’s a whole other story.

Disclosure: This post is part of the and Boiron Canada #BoironBaby sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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    April 12, 2017 at 5:29 pm (9 months ago)

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