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Something I have tried to focus on doing better over the last few years is taking better care of myself. Being a mom to 4 young kids has made it pretty easy for me to “backburner” myself.

Life can certainly get hectic with a bunch of little ones running around, which makes it easier to not prioritize my personal well-being for the simple fact that I am so focused on caring for others. It isn’t an intentional backburner, though.

I mean, how often do you find yourself getting lost in your day’s work that you forget to have that lunch you packed for yourself? This used to happen more often than not in my home.

However, as a mother who needs her energy to not only keep up with the kids, but also for breastfeeding purposes, I realized something had to give. I needed to make changes.

I can so easily find time for myself to sneak in a quick workout over the day. So, why was it that I was struggling to find time to eat? And then, it dawned on me: The reason I wasn’t eating enough each day wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but rather, with the time constraints, I struggled with finding healthy food options to snack on. So, rather than binging on junk, I would just keep going about my day.

It wasn’t until recently that I came to learn about the dietitian services offered at Loblaws. The dietitians are there to offer one-on-one nutrition counselling, in-store workshops and demonstrations, and educational grocery store tours. A service that is perfect for parents, like myself, who are looking for ways to eat healthier while dealing with busy schedules.

Of course, when I had the chance to connect with the  Loblaws Dietitians, I had to ask: What quick, easy and energizing snacks do you recommend for people who are busy and constantly on the go?

Did you know that some healthy, quick and easy snacks for new parents could be something as simple as roast chickpeas or edamame, chopped vegetables with hummus, nut butters on whole grain toast, and granola bars? It really is that simple! The bonus? All snack options offer protein and fiber, which help you feel fuller longer while also giving you that extra boost of energy.

In addition to the dietitian services, Loblaws Pharmacy also has amazing pharmacy services, too. It’s a pharmacy that does more than simply fill prescriptions. In my experience, the pharmacist at Loblaws takes the time to get to know their patients, offering services like blood pressure consultations, medication reviews, heart health risk assessments, food allergy management assessments, and various other health clinics throughout the year. In fact, I make a point of taking my family to see the pharmacist at my local Loblaws to receive our annual flu shots.

For me, knowing that I have all these services at my fingertips, in the store where I do the majority of the grocery shopping for my family, is extremely comforting.

In fact, I had to pop by the pharmacy just the other day to fill a prescription for my little guy who has come down with Scarlet Fever. The fact that I could fill his prescription while short on time, and grocery shop while waiting was amazing.

The pharmacist was knowledgeable, and made sure I understood how to administer my son’s medication, how to look for reactions, and how it might interact with certain foods and other medications. He truly made me feel thankful for the work he does.

Before becoming a parent, there was a point in my life when I thought all pharmacists did was administer pills. Since having children, I have realized that pharmacists do a lot more than that. Pharmacists are front of the line, and they are the most accessible in terms of being healthcare providers. 

With that said, it eases my mind to know that any time I shop at Loblaws, I can reach out to someone in-store if I have a question about how to better and maintain my family’s health. 

So, whether you are a new mom like me – perhaps looking for ideas on how to introduce first foods to your baby – or whether you are someone looking for ways to better reach your health goals, I highly suggest you connect with your local Loblaws Pharmacy to see how they can benefit and help you, because let me tell you: they have helped me and my family greatly in the past little while with reaching our health goals!

Even better – it is Pharmacy Awareness Month – so at the very least take the opportunity to stop by and visit your local pharmacist to say hello and recognize them for the great work they do!

Check Out This Facebook Live Event!

Recently, Loblaws hosted a great Facebook Live Event featuring a Loblaws Pharmacist and Loblaws Dietitian. They took many questions live from the viewers, and I have to say, it was a very insightful 15 minutes. If you would like to better inform yourself about the services Loblaws offers, I highly recommend watching this  Loblaws Facebook Live event.

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