The journey into motherhood is one that while exciting can also be quite overwhelming. I can vividly remember how I felt when I first became a Mom back in mid-2009.

I had this preconceived notion prior to having a baby of how everything would be and how I would parent. I had motherhood chalked up to be all glitz and glamour. Everything was just going to be second nature. I wouldn’t need help. I would get dressed and do my make-up each day. My baby would sleep and breastfeed like a charm. Dinner would be prepared and on  the table each and every night. Motherhood was something that was going to come easy. Right?! I thought so.

Let me tell you I was far from right.

The journey into motherhood was quite the opposite for me.

Breastfeeding was not something that came easy. My little one cried day in and out. I spent many sleepless nights rocking her while she screamed, and I would cry to. I cried because I felt so alone. I felt so helpless. I cried because I felt like a prisoner in my own home. In fact, I was!

I spent so much time locked away in my room each day, afraid to leave. Afraid to venture out into the public with my newborn for every time I did she would cry and cry. For this reason, I really struggled with making new Mom friends. I missed that golden opportunity to connect with Mom’s that were on maternity leave at the same time as me.

To be honest, I found maternity leave to be a time that was quite isolating and lonely. No Mom should ever have to feel that way.


Motherhood takes a village. It really does.

If it weren’t for my fellow Mommy friends, I don’t know that I would ever feel sane. My Mom friends are a sisterhood of women who get me and can relate. I love that when one of us have a bad day we can drop each other a message to arrange an impromptu Wine and Whine  night. Not only that – I love that we are able to call on each other in times of need. The added bonus of having playmates for our children is awesome too!


Recently, I have been shifting my focus to try to build upon my village. I have been doing this through This has opened up a means for me to connect with other Mom’s in the community.

When I first signed up for an account on Village Mommy there weren’t all that many Mom’s within my community registered, and that’s ok. Through word of mouth I have noticed that not only my current friends registering, but also friends of friends. Our village is slowly, but surely starting to grow and I love it! Mom’s need a village. I need a village.

Village Mommy has allowed me to connect with other Mom’s who can relate to my lifestyle. I am a Mom of 4, so it has been nice to meet other Mom’s with the same number of children in and around the same age. Although we haven’t had the chance to meet up for coffee or play dates, we have been able to chat about life as busy Mom’s of 4. It is nice to connect with people who get it. It helps me to feel… umm… semi-sane.

Village Mommy has also released a new feature allowing users to share some of their favourite Mommy spots to hang out with their children. It lets users, like me, discover new places to check out with their kids, but not only that it gives ideas for where meet-ups can happen. Do you know how often I try to arrange an out of home play date and have no idea where to plan it? Well… This can eliminate that struggle.

Meet Your Village!

If you are looking to meet more Mom’s in your neighbourhood, I encourage you to check out Village Mommy and share this site with each one of your Mom friends. Every Mom deserves to have her village… A sisterhood of Mom friends – that are there in times of need and are there just because. The power of friendship is something that we thrive off of, but not only that our children thrive off of it too! Let’s bring back the village to motherhood and build a stronger sense of community!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Compensation has been received. All opinions are those of my own.

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