Each stage of motherhood brings its own unique set of joys and challenges. In the early years, we encounter milestones like sleeping through the night, teething, first steps, and potty training – to name a few.

The potty training stage can be one of the most limit-testing experiences for parents. It tests our patience, but ultimately, it also brings happiness as we celebrate our toddler’s achievement. In my experience, and I bet it will be the same with you too, nothing beats that first celebratory moment when your toddler proudly chimes up that they used the potty.

As a mom of 4, I have had my share of potty training highs and lows. My 5-year-old was potty trained by the age of 2.5, my 7-year-old was potty trained shortly before her second birthday, and my 2.5 year old is now showing the signs of being interested in potty training. When each of my children started showing the signs below, I followed their lead.

So what are these signs? How will you know when your little one is ready? What are some tips and tricks to when going through this stage? The first thing to know is that there is no one-size-fits-all potty training process. Every kid is different, so experiment to see what works for you and go from there.


Here are 4 tips and tricks I’ve used when my toddlers showed interest in saying bye-bye to diapers:

1. When your toddler is not wetting diapers as often do what I did... Go cold turkey and stop using diapers right away! Start putting them in underwear or training pants such as Pampers Easy Ups. When I did this, it allowed my kids to really feel that “big kid” status. This in turn helped them to feel confident and more secure in the whole journey.

I also noticed that my kids started to not like the feel of a dirty diaper and it upset them. I took this as another cue that it was time transition to Easy Ups. Pampers Easy Ups are easier for them to put on and take off and will also make them feel more comfortable should they have an accident.

My son absolutely loved the independence he gained transitioning from diapers to training pants. It only took a few accidents for him to realize that he did not like the feeling of his training pants being wet. He was potty trained within a period of two weeks after that.

2. When your toddler shows interest in transitioning from diapers to training pants or underwear… don’t hesitate to pull out the potty – and always keep it close by. Look for changes in their daily behaviour for potty training cues.

My son first discovered the potty when he was just shy of two and a half. We had the potty tucked away in the nook of the bathroom, and when he would see it, he would push it out into our family room and sit on it while watching his favourite shows. It was around the same time that he was going through a phase where he would love to remove his pants and diaper quite often. It was these changes in his daily behaviours that triggered me to pull out training pants. I was nervous to introduce them to him (as you may be too!), but at the same time, I knew he was ready because he was showing interest. I am currently going through a similar phase with my now two-year old daughter. She is interested, I am just not as ready as she is. Haha.

3. When your toddler start to shows independence and take pride in accomplishments… take this as another cue that they may be ready. Once my kids started understanding simple instructions and were able to do small tasks on their own, I knew this meant they were a step away from potty training.

Upon introducing them to potty training, I would guide them with simple instructions and if they couldn’t go, we’d try again 15 to 30 minutes later. However, they would always be quick to tell me if their bodies signaled them that they need to use the potty sooner. Seeing my son run off to the potty and moments later standing up cheering, clapping was so much fun. He took so much pride in becoming a big boy!

4. When your toddler uses the potty successfully or has shown a good effort… reward and motivate them! Your toddler will be beaming. Pour yourself a celebratory glass (or two) of wine, and await the next moment the potty beckons.

We kept a potty in the bathroom, living room and in the car, so it was always accessible whenever the urge hit. When my kids were successful, we would always have a celebratory impromptu dance party afterwards.

The hardest bit of potty training for us was when my eldest successfully learned to pee on the potty. While she recognized the cues of when her body needed to visit the potty, she almost always would hide in the corner and have an accident. To get her over this hump, we would encourage her. We would sit and read stories in the bathroom while rubbing her back. Eventually she would ask for some privacy and she would go on her own. She also had the motivation of a reward. We had bought a toy doctors kit, and every time she would go she would get a new toy from the kit. These incentives helped to get her over her hump!

So here we are now about to begin the potty training journey with our 2-year old daughter…

She recently received her first package of Pampers Easy-Ups and was so excited about the idea of potty training. She may only layer the Easy-Ups on herself right now and sit on the potty fully clothed, but it is all about the baby steps. What I love about the new Easy-Ups is that they are designed to help little ones and their families during their potty training journey. The new Pampers Easy Ups are the easiest way to underwear! The look feel, and fit much like real underwear. Which for a toddler, like my daughter, she loves that! She aspires to be much like her older siblings. She is at that age where she is ready to take that next step in her childhood.


While we may have a long potty training journey ahead of us, I am glad that my toddler is starting to show interest and with tips, like the above, and Pampers Easy-Ups I know we are well on our way to a successful journey.

Mind you, I will keep in mind, that we may have to start and stop the process a few times like I had to with each of my kids which is totally normal. While my kids exhibited the signs, I soon realized that maybe they need a little more time after starting the process. We started up the process a couple weeks later with much success.

So whether you are on your way to potty training, like me, or preparing for the future, give yourself a pat on the back and know that you are doing a good job, Mom! You’ve got this, and your little one does too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are those of my own.

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