Finding time to escape and enjoy silence in our home can be near impossible. With six individuals living under one roof, it can sometimes feel quite suffocating, especially when you are in need of a break. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to have a large family, but from time to time we all need a break. My children feel the same too. When you have four children that seek their own share of personal space, the struggle can be real. There’s always that one child who finds it unfair that the other doesn’t want to play with them.

We try to level this off by having that one toy to designate to each child.  A toy that they will really enjoy.

For my eldest daughter this toy is her My Mini MixieQ

My Mini MixieQ's Review

Cadence could sit in her room for hours upon hours playing with her My Mini MixieQ’s.

She’s collected many of the mini-cube figures and loves that she is able to create cute themes and personalities for each of her My Mini MixieQ’s.


Quite often you will find her staging the scene for a pediatric hospital. She will  POP and SWAP the outfits and hair to create a handful of My Mini MixieQ’s that are nurses and another handful that will be staged as doctors or  patients.

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Audra Bennett

Early in June, Cadence had an accident that found her in a pediatric hospital for emergency surgery. This has made an impact on her life and has since molded her aspirations for the future. As seen through her playtime with her My Mini MixieQ’s.

Cadence has been quick to provide proof that My Mini MixieQ’s are not only little and cute, but also cube-tastic! With the ability to customize them and add your own personal flare it proves that the options are endless! Especially knowing that you can continue to collect and add on to your My Mini MixieQ’s stash over time.

Jeff O'Brien / Lin Carlson

Personally, I love watching Cadence play with her My Mini MixieQ’s. Her creativity and imagination run wild, enabling her to proudly display them in her room. She gives each of them their own personality, which I find reflects her own personality. What could be better than watching your child’s imagination come to life? It can be so great to live vicariously through the eyes of a child.

And from what I have witnessed I can affirm that… These days – it’s hip to be cube!

Disclosure: I was provided with compensation and product to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of my own.

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