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With summer break now more than half way over, I can tell you that I have heard my fair share of complaints of boredom from the little ones. Fair enough – my daughter has been on modified bed rest for the whole summer. It certainly doesn’t make for the most ideal way for a 7 year old to enjoy her summer break from school.

We have used this as a time to research and come up with ways in which we can give back to the community during the summertime. It has been a fun way to combat the boredom while also teaching the children the importance of giving.

When I first sat my son and daughter down to brainstorm ways in which they could give back to the community, they were at a complete loss. I had to help inspire them and find ways to support their philanthropy while also teaching them the value of gratitude that comes with giving to the community.

If you are looking to teach your kids the importance of giving back this summer, I hope you find inspiration in our list of…

6 ways to teach kids to give back this summer.


Plant a tree. Head to your local park and plant a tree or some seedlings. Afterwards head home for a fun movie afternoon or night, and watch The Lorax.

Community Clean-up. Put on some rubber gloves and grab some garbage bags, and head out on a mission to pick up trash and tidy your neighbourhood and green space.

Purge the Pantry. Purge the pantry of any unused goods and arrange to make a donation at your local food bank.

6 Ways to Teach Kids to Give Back this Summer

Host a Lemonade Stand. Set up a lemonade stand at the end of your driveway, and raise money for a cause that is important to your family or child(ren).

Organize a Bottle Drive.  Distribute flyers informing your neighbourhood that you are having a bottle drive on a certain date asking residents to consider leaving empties on their porch for collection. Use the money from the bottles collected to donate to an important cause.

Participate in a Walk or Run. There are many walks and / or runs that are organized over the summer supporting various different charities. Participate in a walk or run for a charity that is near and dear to your heart, fundraise and enjoy an active day outdoors as a family.

What you will find in the end is that while it does feel amazing to give back to the community, you will also thoroughly enjoy the togetherness that you spend as a family while giving back together. Nothing beats quality family time, especially when spent and enjoyed in the heart of the community.

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