Several weeks ago, my husband dropped my eldest daughter off at an afternoon birthday party. A birthday party that I was hesitant to let her attend based upon concerns I had from the year prior, but I talked myself down. I was not going to be that satellite parent. I let her go. My daughter was bustling with excitement. She is a social butterfly and has always enjoyed being involved, recognizing and celebrating other’s special occasions and milestones.

Not even 30 minutes after arriving at the party, I received an email from the Mother asking for us to call her immediately. My heart sank.

An ambulance had been called. My daughter had fallen and was badly injured.

With the 3 month old, a toddler and another school age child at home I couldn’t rush right over to be with her. My husband did. He dropped everything. He was in the middle of eating lunch at the time. Got in the car and sped over to the house to meet the ambulance while I waited at home to hear further word.

I’m not going to lie… I was a mess, but deep down I knew there was no better person to be with my daughter at that time than my husband. He is always so cool, calm and collected even in high stress situations.

He sat with her in the ambulance, wiping her tears and trying to calm her fears. The only thing he couldn’t do was numb her pain, but if he could have he would have.

My daughter wound up having to be rushed to a pediatric hospital to have emergency surgery. Thankfully I was able to find care for my other children, so that my infant and I could be there for support.

Although, I know that if I hadn’t my daughter would have been in excellent hands. Not only of the surgeons, doctors and nurses, but also her father… My husband.

This past Father’s day my eldest daughter gave my husband a card that read: “My Dad is a superhero because he takes care of me!”  When I read the card, I knew she had been referring to the events that unfolded in the recent weekends, and just how grateful she felt.

She was quite taken back when I told her that not only had he taken care of her then, but also in the years prior.


During pregnancy, my husband would try his best to make any appointments that I needed him at. He would always drop everything at my time of need to meet me at the hospital for non-stress test and biophysical profiles. He was there to hold my hair while I bowed down to the porcelain gods. He would run to the store and buy 10 different flavours of chips when I had a chip craving. Simply for the fact that he had no idea what flavour I wanted. Most importantly, he was there to hold me, rub my back and dance with me when I was in labour.


During infancy, my husband would handle all the overnight diaper changes and bottle feedings when I wasn’t exclusively breastfeeding. Simply, so I could get some sleep. He would be the greatest comedian, just to see them belly laugh or smile. He would be Dr. Dad, wipe their tears and kiss their boo-boo’s when they would fall. He would be their biggest cheerleader at dance recitals, school graduations and sports games.


My husband has been a huge role model for not just my daughter, but all of my children. He has taught them about what it means to be strong and courageous. He has shown them a little kindness and love can be something magical. Most of all – he has taught them that he continues to learn and grow each and everyday from them. For if it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be the person he is today! For that – we say “thank you baby!”

Disclosure: I am a #PampersBabyPanel ambassador. Compensation has been received in exchange for this post. All opinions are those of my own.

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