There have been many moments in motherhood that I have really looked forward to, and there have been some moments I haven’t. Some of those moments being the times when we have had to tackle tricky conversations with the children.

Thankfully, those tricky conversations didn’t start happening until my daughter started school, but now as the years progress we find the awkward questions and tricky subjects happen to be popping up more frequently.

I can remember our first conversation vividly. My daughter was 4 years old at the time. She came home from school concerned about her body image. She was so insistent that she had to strive to be beautiful. It almost seemed as though she felt that she had to dress like a “beautiful princess” daily in competition with the other girls in her class in order to maintain friendships. This was a time in her life where we saw many tears flow from her eyes. It was hard. It took some time and many conversations to help teach her that beauty doesn’t come just from the outside, but it is what is under the skin that that matters most.

My eldest daughter is now 7 and while she seems to have worked past this stage there is times that it still pops up. However, nowadays all it takes is a gentle reminder of our prior conversations to talk her down.


More recently though, the conversations around our house have been about why my eldest son won’t get to share a room with his baby brother. He thinks it is quite unfair that my youngest daughter will be moving into my eldest daughters room in a few months, so that we can transfer the little guy into the nursery. Thankfully, we were able to find an episode on Netflix Canada that deals with a similar issue — The Hives: Sibling Rivalry. In this episode, Buzzabee and Rubee fight over who is going to get to room with Babee, their new sibling. Mom and Dad have to step up to the plate and discuss with Buzzabee and Rubee why Babee needs to grow up before she can share a room. This episode has helped my son ration with not getting to share a room with his sibling. While he still thinks it is unfair at times that he won’t get to share a room with one of his siblings, all it takes it quickly popping on this episode to calm his mind. What he really doesn’t know yet is that one day he will be so thankful to have his own bedroom!

What I know is that as the years go by that the tricky situations and subjects are going to continually pop up. Thankfully, I know that I can count of Netflix to help with some of those moments. After all we all know sometimes children can listen better to the advice from their favourite TV show over the lessons being provided from Mommy.

From tackling peer pressure to learning to achieve a whole 5 minutes without a smart device in hand, Netflix has a variety of family-friendly shows that explore a range of real-life issues with equal measures of humour, angst and heart. No matter your situation, chances are there’s a show and episode that can kickstart a dialogue around the topic just by watching it together.

Image Source: Shutterstock | Sibling Rivalry

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