Today is the day. It is the kick-off of a haute cuisine event for small and big gourmands! That’s right, the PC Babylicious event is happening now, and it runs through to May 15th. If you haven’t had a chance to make a reservation yet, I highly recommend you do!

There are 7 different fine dining restaurants in Toronto participating. Restaurants that all are offering a little something different. Whether you are digging middle eastern, Italian or French cuisine… (the list could go on)… There is no doubt that you will find a restaurant that  will suit your tastes, and you will want to visit with your babe in tow.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Babylicous at Tabule with special guest, Sarah Blackwood from Walk Off The Earth.


It was the first major outing for my 9 week old, and I have to say I was pretty nervous leading up to the event. I even thought of bowing out for the simple fact that I struggle with breastfeeding in public, and the little guy is colicky. Thankfully, I stuck it out and made the decision to go. And, you know what it wasn’t that bad.

It was nice to be in the company of other mothers and their children. While none of the children were quite as young as Oakley, most were between the ages of 6 months to 3 years, it was nice to be able to share stories with the Mothers and relate to them about their journey’s and experiences.

Babylicious Tabule

The best part? Being able to share about our experiences over gourmet meals and dazzling cocktails while our little ones got to enjoy a feast of their own, thanks to President’s Choice.


Personally, my favourite part was the meal I got to enjoy. Ok… well… Maybe I didn’t get to enjoy my meal at the restaurant – I did have my hands full – but the leftovers that I brought home from Tabule were nothing short of amazing. It would be hard to pick my favourites from the Babylicious menu, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say it would have to be the Falafel Salad, Cauliflower, Mujadara Rice, Kefta Banadura and Tuwak. I’m drooling just thinking back to the delicious meal I got to enjoy! There was nothing quite like it.


My toddler, who didn’t attend the event with me, personally took a liking to the PC Organics Purple Carrot and Blueberry Puffs and the PC Organics Peach Maple Cobbler Strained Baby Food Pouch that I brought home with me.

It was honestly such a treat to be able to escape the four walls yesterday. It gave me a reason to dress up, and something to look forward to. How often can you say you got to dine in a high-end restaurant with your little one in tow? Plus, the adult conversation! As you can imagine my day was nothing was short of amazing.

Will I be able to get back out to enjoy more haute cuisine with the babe in tow during Babylicious? Only time will tell! Quite honestly, I would love to check out Cluny or maybe even Ascari Enoteca, it’s matter of if we can work the schedule around it!

That being said, that shouldn’t stop you from getting out there! If you are a parent in the Greater Toronto Area, I encourage you to check out and make your reservation! The event runs until May 15th and I’ll tell you first hand there is nothing quite like it! So make your reservation and enjoy being wined and dined all while enjoying the company of your little one and friends!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are those of my own.

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