Being a new Mom can be not only a rewarding time, but also a challenging one. A time when you are filled with so much pride, admiration and love for your new baby, but also a time where you are struggling with trying to figure things out, getting a hold of routine and just over-all-wondering if you got this thing called “motherhood” under control.

I remember the emotional roller coaster well. Not only does it hit you when your first child is born, but also when your second, third or fourth is too. There is always that need to relearn the ropes.

The one thing I have found that I struggled with after the birth of each one of my children was breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has been an interesting journey with each one of my children. In some cases it worked out and in other cases it did not, which found me exclusively pumping around the clock before switching to formula months down the road. You just have to do what works best for you and child, right?

I can still remember vividly the first time I had to try to brave breastfeeding my daughter in public. We were on a waterfront trail and she was a screaming mess. She wanted the boob and she wanted it now. I grabbed her blanket and snuggled up with her on a bench, fully covered by the blanket and nursed her. Lo and behold an elderly couple walked by and doesn’t the woman just go off on a tangent about how disgusting I was to be nursing my child in public.

Can I just tell you how uncomfortable and awkward it made me feel as a new Mom to breastfeed in public ever again? It was after that, that I would lock myself in my bedroom for hours upon hours nursing. I barely left the house. Quickly that breastfeeding relationship ended. The stress just caught up to my infant and I.

By the birth of my third, I just reached a point where I didn’t care anymore. She was one of those breastfed baby’s that hated being covered up.I can’t say I blame her. I just had to learn to roll with it. It did take some time to get over my insecurities of nursing her in public, but I eventually did. I would feed her whenever she needed to eat, getting over my desire to rush to the nearest bathroom or back to the car first. The only thing I struggled with was the sensation of almost feeling naked while nursing in public.

I was quick to discover this great company called, Naked Nursing Tank, run by two amazing women, Jen Hajt and Carrie Charles.

Jen and Carrie found when they were nursing their second children that they always felt like they were running around chasing their toddlers with a lot of skin always showing. It made them uncomfortable and stressed to feel so exposed while nursing. After scoping out the market, they became frustrated when they realized there wasn’t much option for nursing moms. They loved wearing supportive bras, but hated the feeling of having their midsections exposed. This is how the concept and vision of Naked Nursing Tank came to life.

Moms needed a tank that would cover their midsection without the infringement of having the breast area covered with extra material as well.

Naked Nursing Tank Bamboo

Carrie and Jen were quick to discover through extensive market research that…

  1. Breastfeeding women want their midsections covered when they’re lifting up their shirts to nurse their infants. They want the experience to give them a sense of confidence and comfort, especially when nursing in public.
  2. Breastfeeding women want the flexibility to wear the bra they feel most comfortable in, whether it be a nursing bra, sports bra or regular everyday bra.
  3. Everyone loves to save money! Naked Nursing Tank’s innovative design allows women to do just that converting just about any wardrobe pieces into nursing wear.

So what is the Naked Nursing Tank?

Naked Nursing Tank

The Naked Nursing Tank is a hassle-free open busted camisole that you can wear with any bra. It offers extra long length midsection coverage during breastfeeding while also providing discretion and privacy without compromising style!

I personally am loving the bamboo edition of the Naked Nursing Tank. The fabric is so lightweight and breathable. It is form-fitting and expands to fit my growing bump without losing it’s shape. It’s a great tank to wear during pregnancy and / or while breastfeeding.

It’s one of those tanks that I can guarantee you will be a staple in my wardrobe once my newest bundle arrives! I just wish it had been around years ago when I nursed my first and second child.

If you want to learn more about Naked Nursing Tank, feel free to connect with them by visiting their website.

Disclosure: I received a Naked Nursing Tank for review purposes. No compensation was provided. All opinions are those of my own.

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