Yay! I’m 35 weeks pregnant. Considering there has been a lot of worry over preterm labour over the past few months, I consider it quite the accomplishment to have made it this far.

Technically, I am actually 35.5 weeks. I’ll be 36 weeks on Friday, but really there is no need to be precise… Actually yes there is… I cannot wait to meet this little guy!


I have reached that stage of pregnancy where I can’t stop and think about how we are in the home stretch. It freaks me out. As excited as I am to hold the little man in my arms, I am absolutely terrified to go through labour again.

If you remember when I shared Everly’s birth story, I discussed how I easily breakdown while in labour. I am known to panic when in labour, more so during the active stages. You see my sister passed away a few days after birth, as did my Uncle Peter. In addition, I also know someone who lost their baby while in active labour. Piece all of that together, and I am sure you get the gist of my fears. I have an intense fear of losing my baby while in labour or shortly thereafter.

However, quite often when I talk myself off the ledge and convince myself that the baby will be fine. I will then begin to worry that something will happen to me while in labour.

My biggest fear when it comes to labour is death. There I said it. Call it an irrational fear. Call it what you will, but it is one of those things that scares the shit out of me. I know odds of anything happening is slim, so I try to just cling to that.

Seriously though, why can’t my fear while in labour be pooping while pushing or something silly like that?!? Of course, my fear goes to the extreme.

Anyway… stepping away from the topic of labour fears…

Today, I had the pleasure of having maternity photos done with Stephanie Webster Photography and Design. After my struggles to conceive Everly, I always told my husband that should we ever be blessed to conceive one last child that I would document the pregnancy with a maternity session. It was a bit surreal today to be doing just that! I had a blast. It was a great way to bond with the baby in utero, my sweet little Everly while also taking time for myself to celebrate this special time in my life. I cannot wait to see the teasers, which I will share with you (if I get the go ahead from the photographer, of course).

Lastly, one thing I meant to mention last week that completely slipped my mind was that I learned at my last midwife appointment that the little guy is oblique. He seems to really enjoy planting his head in my left hip. This past week has seen me doing a lot of breech tilts, pelvic rotations, walking and forward-leaning inversions. Hopefully this will help the little guy move into the proper position. If not, my midwife will be sending me for an ultrasound at my next appointment. The appointment where I will also be given my binder!! Just another reminder that the big day is around the corner!

According to the cashier at Walmart she thinks I will only be pregnant for 3 or 4 more days. Whereas, my photographer today, gives me two more weeks! Will I go early like everyone predicts?! Only time will tell!

I will continue to keep you all updated as the time goes on.

Until next time,

Nicole xo

(Image Source: Free Digitial Images by JomPhong)

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  1. Shauna Nolan
    February 9, 2016 at 11:44 am (2 years ago)

    I had all sorts of fears about labor too, particularly with my youngest son. My first labour ended in an emergency c section after a transfer from home to hospital at 9cm which put me on edge, but not enough to scare me off trying for another homebirth ;). We had a vanishing twin with my second son and my husband was born a twin with his brother passing soon after birth. Add in the fact that I was pursuing a VBAC and also dealing with then-undiagnosed OCD and I was a MESS during my second birth. But I made it and all 8lbs 15oz of him made it too just fine!
    It’s such a spiritual and monumental thing, giving birth isn’t it? I’ll send lots of good birthing vibes your way for the big day, you’ve got this!


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