Are you a health-conscious individual and/or an individual who is actively seeking ways to improve the health of themselves and/or their family? Perhaps, you know of a family or friend who is? If so, you will love the idea of a #NYNY; a week long sampler event that is sure to be of interested to those looking to kick start or maintain their health regime.


What is a sampling event?

New Year, New You Week is a one week online event that runs from January 11, 2016 through January 14, 2016. During this event you will have the chance to explore and discover many healthy and yummy brands that offer great alternatives for health-conscious individuals who are looking to better their eating habits, fitness levels and overall wellness. There are thousands of products available during these sampler events, as well as 7 amazing flash giveaways just waiting to be claimed! Whatever you do, just be sure you RSVP and ready yourself to move fast once an event is posted!

Prior to the sampling event, I highly recommend that you wish for your sample. This will let your friends know that you would love to receive this product. As soon as the event begins, your friend will be able send your the sample you wished for so long as they are on the right New Year, New You event tab. I would recommend teaming up with a buddy during this event, so you can work together to ensure your sampler wishes are fulfilled.

Participating In

* The GNC Canada and Greeniche Natural events are open to Canadians only.

How do I participate?

RSVP to Win a Gift Basket

You will first need to RSVP to participate. This RSVP will be entered into a grand prize draw for your chance to win a gift basket filled with goodies from the sponsoring sampler brands. By RSVPing, you will also get access to the official New Year, New You event calendar where you will be able to find out when each sponsoring brand is hosting their sampler event.

Sampling Events

From January 11 through 14th there will be various sampling events hosted, you will want to make sure you have RSVPed for the event to know when each event is scheduled to take place. Once the event goes live, you will want to click through immediately, as samples have been known to go quite fast! To better your odds, try being on the app right as the event goes live.

What’s neat about the Sampler is that you can only send product samples to Facebook friends. If you can, I would suggest teaming up with a buddy ahead of the event because if there is a sample you want during the event, you will need a friend to send it to you. Why not team up with a friend to ensure you both get the samples you would love? That’s why the Wish For It period before the event is so imperative. It let’s you and your buddy gain better understanding of how you can send and receive a sample.

Flash Giveaways

In addition to the sampling events, there will be a flash giveaway each day hosted on a participating blogger’s Facebook page. These will also go live at the time listed on the calendar.

American Canadian Events

* The vast majority of the New Year, New You events are open to Americans only. However, the Greeniche Natural Health and GNC Canada Sampler Events, as well as the Flash Giveaways are only open to Canadians.

What brands are participating?


I’m a huge tea lover! There is nothing better than sipping a nice hot cup of tea on a cold day, especially when a tea reaps many different health benefits. Rishi Tea is a fabulous brand that carries a wide variety of tea products that I highly recommend checking out:

The Spice Hunter Logo

My pantry is one that is often overflowing with a wide variety of different spices. Maybe not at the moment, as I just did a massive purge and declutter… However with a brand like The Spice Hunter, I am bound to rebuild upon my collection of spices quickly. To learn more visit:


Eating healthy, doesn’t mean having to cut out pasta! Not at all! With a brand like Explore Asian you can easily still enjoy all the same old pasta dishes that you once did before. Heck – get creative and also try some new Asian inspired dishes while at it. The pastas are vegan and gluten-free! To learn more visit:


POPCORN! There I said it! We can all have a jolly time enjoying JOLLY TIME. A popcorn that is low-calorie and delicious to boot. What more could a person ask for, seriously?! This popcorn is light, airy with a gentle buttery taste. It does it’s job curbing this preggo’s cravings, I can tell you that much. To learn more visit:


There is nothing I love to enjoy more daily than a smoothie! Kura is a brand that can help you start your smoothie, using a protein powder that is gluten-free, GMO free and has no sugar added. It’s a simple and healthy way to reap added nutrition through a well-balanced diet. Most mornings, I will often start the day with a smoothie. I love using Kura protein powder as a base and then loading up the smoothie with green tea and/or milk and my favourite fruit and veggie additions. To learn more:


Skip the coffee and recharge your body with Volo Vitamins. Just tuck a packet or two of Volo Energy in your purse, so when you feel the desire to pick up a coffee while on the go you can rather just sip Volo Energy to renew your depleted energy. Seriously… I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere and when I get that urge to caffeinate, I mix Volo Energy with the water and enjoy. To learn more visit:


Experience life naturally with Terry Naturally! Terry Naturally offers a wide variety of vitamins and supplements geared toward helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more visit:


GNC Canada has been a go-to store for me over the years. For products like vitamins, protein shakes and just about everything in between. I have been loving the Lean Shake and plan to stock up on more for when the baby arrives. It makes for a great meal replacement beverage when you are short on time, and also a good post-workout drink. If you live in Canada and are seeking awesome health and wellness products, visit:


Skip the sugar and sweeten your life with Greeniche Natural Health! To learn more about Greeniche Natural Health visit

Which brand are you most excited about sampling?

Don’t forget to RSVP so that you can be entered to win a gift basket filled with some of these great brands, and also gain access to a sampling calendar keeping you in the loop so you don’t miss out on any great samples. Lastly, don’t forget to secure a sampler buddy to help grant you the samples you “wished for”.

Disclosure: I have teamed up with New Year, New You Sampler to help promote this event. All opinions noted are those of my own.

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