2015 was a year that was filled with a lot of goodbyes. Many don’t know how hard last year was for me because I haven’t really spoke of it. It was emotionally trying. Filled with many dark times. Many tears. Many days of feeling not worthy enough or good enough. It was a time where my motivation lacked. I struggled. I struggled. A lot.

However in those dark times, I managed to find the light by investing more time in being present with my family.

As we made our way into 2016, it was on a much happier note. This year is my year of gratitude. My year of being thankful for wonderful life I have. This is my year. The year that I am going to focus more on being present. The year that I build new friendships. They year that I work on being more patient as a Mom and a wife. It’s also the year that I focus more on growing my business while also balancing this little thing called life.

Sometime in the next 5 weeks, I am anticipating the arrival of my baby. A baby that was so very wanted. A baby that my husband and I never anticipated we would be blessed with after our struggles in the past with secondary infertility. We feel so grateful that this little bundle is choosing us as his parents, and we cannot wait to meet the little guy once he is ready to join us.

So as you can see 2016 is kicking off with a bang! It’s going to be awesome. Heck, it already has been pretty awesome and my business has seen much growth in this past month alone. I have come out of my dark place. I feel more motivated, pumped and inspired than I have before. As the saying is — “Go big or go home!” Well… I’m going big and I’m going places!

Are you looking to get inspired and pumped to take on 2016? Netflix Canada has a great list of family-friendly movies that can help you feel inspired and motivated. Some of my top picks for this month, include:

New year, new perspective streamteam

Disclosure: I am a Netflix Canada Stream Team Ambassador. All opinions are those of my own.

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