There are only a few days left until Christmas. Have you finished your shopping yet?

I can safely say that most of my shopping is done. However, I know that over the next day or so that the situation may arise that I need to pop into the store to pick up a few extra stocking stuffers. Only time will tell.

Some of my favourite go-to stocking stuffers are bath and body, beauty and grooming essentials. Often my daughter will find hair clips, a new brush, headbands, toothbrushes and lotions in her stocking. All of my children will also find their stockings stuffed with our favourite Kandoo products.


Our 4 favourite stocking stuffers for kids from Kandoo, include:

Kandoo Clean Your Body Moisturizer Body Wash

This product is one you will often find in my son’s stocking. He is the kid that will make a “snow”man out of mud when mother nature is failing to deliver winter-like conditions.

The brightly coloured foam makes bath time so much fun for the kids. It provides them the independence of washing their own bodies, and provides parents the comfort of knowing that their children are properly cleansing themselves.

Kandoo 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Bath time just wouldn’t be complete without shampoo. We used to have to fight with my daughter to take a bath. She feared getting shampoo in her eyes. Thankfully, when we were introduced to Kandoo 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo a couple years ago, bath time quickly became fun again. The shampoo features a tear-free formula that smells absolutely refreshing. My daughter loves to suds up her hair on-top of her head and splash around delightfully in the tub. I always put a bottle of shampoo in each of my children’s stockings. It never hurts to stock up.

Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are a common occurrence in our home. My daughters love them. My son, not so much. For this reason, I always include a bottle of Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath in my girls stockings. This bubble bath contains natural moisturizers, like natural shea and cocoa butter. The natural moisturizers help to prevent drying while the skin maintains proper moisture. It’s a great product for children with sensitive skin, like my own.

Kandoo Detangler Spray

My 6 year old constantly battles with hair that easily knots and tangles. It can bring her much frustration. This is why I always have a bottle of Kandoo Detangler Spray on hand. It’s a salon quality detangler that is tear-free and gentle. Our preferred time to apply the spray is immediately following bath time, once the hair is freshly towel dried. So along with all of the hair accessories that my daughter will find in her stocking, she will also find a bottle of detangler.

Are you done your Christmas shopping? Or, do you still have a few odds and ends to pick up?

Disclosure: I am a Kandoo Kids Ambassador. I have received special perks, products and compensation as a part of my affiliation with this group. All opinions are those of my own.


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