Every Christmas Eve, my husband and I devote the day to spending it with the family.

Suffice to say the past 3 Christmas Eve’s have not been the year for us, finding me sick with strep, the stomach flu and a horrible chest cold. They always say things happen in three’s, so here’s hoping that this Christmas Eve is spent healthy. That is my one wish this year.

A healthy Christmas, celebrating with the one’s I love most on the day I look most forward to… Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is a day that we often enjoy away from the home. We head out for a family lunch and check out a movie at the local theater before heading home to watch Miracle on 34th Street while tracking Santa via NORAD.

The other reason Christmas Eve is so special? Well… Because it means we get to open our annual Christmas Eve tree gift. A gift that brings with it a new pair of cozy PJs, Hot Chocolate, a Christmas mug and a new book.

This year’s book being, Lost My Name.

December 17 Edits-2

Lost My Name is a children’s publisher that combines the old-school power of stories with the new possibilities of technology to create magical, personalized experiences for kids. The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name / The Little Boy Who Lost His Name are stories created around the individual letters of a child’s name – so each child’s name creates its own unique adventure from over 300 different story variants.

December 17 Edits-3

What I love about this book is that no two books are the same. This is not your ordinary bedtime story book. Each book is personalized to each child’s name. Even more the characters in the book can be personalized too.

I ordered 3 books for each of my children, and it recognized that of my three children that they shared like letters in their names. As a result, it gave me the option to switch out characters within the story ensuring that all their books told a different tale.

December 17 Edits-4

The Lost My Name Book’s create moments of magic, and I cannot wait to sit down and read them with my kids on Christmas Eve. I know between the vibrant pictures and the exciting story that the book is sure to bring on squeals of delight in the months and years to come.

December 17 Edits-5

If you are still struggling to come up with a last minute Christmas gift idea, check out Lost My Name. It is a fun gift that will make for a fun keepsake in the years down the road!

Disclosure: I received multiple personalized copies of Lost My Name for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are those of my own.


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