Pregnancy can be such a wondrous time. Full of so many moments that Momma’s-to-be look forward to. BUT – what many don’t realize is that pregnancy can be a real pain, especially subsequent pregnancies when your joints are more relaxed, and your ligaments and muscles are more stretched.


Did you know your uterus never returns back to it’s original size after pregnancy? It’s true!

In subsequent pregnancies, you may find that your baby sits lower in the abdomen, which can cause backaches, ligament pains and loose hips. This is all due to the stretched ligaments and muscles that you have been graced with. The good news is that once baby has been delivered the discomforts tend to fade away, maybe not right away, but it will slowly ease off as you recover during the postpartum period.

So what are some common complaints during pregnancy…

Round ligament pain: a strong or sharp jabbing pain that is felt in the groin area or lower belly. Round ligament pain is often a common complaint during the second trimester.

Symphysis Pubic Disfunction: SPD can arise at any point during your pregnancy and often makes itself more known at night SPD is often felt in the pubic and groin region. You may notice a  grinding or clicking in your pubic region. You may even feel the pain on the inside of your thighs or legs.

Sciatica Pain: The sciatica nerve is one of the largest nerves in the human body. It branches from the lower back into the buttocks and runs down the back of the legs into the ankles and feet. When you suffer from sciatica pain, you will know it. It starts off as a sharp pain, tingling or numbness that radiates from your back and down the back of your legs. The pain is more commonly felt on one side, and is more likely to present itself in the third trimester as you and baby continue to grow.

I am one of the lucky contestants of Sciatica Nerve Pain during this pregnancy. I have never experienced it previous pregnancies, and quite honestly, had I, I don’t know if I would have gone on to have more children. The pain is awful. It can sometimes be debilitating. There are many days where I find it hard to stand and / or walk, and being that the pain radiates down my right side when the pain flares up, it makes it damn near impossible to drive.

While Sciatica Nerve Pain may be quite literally a pain in the rear there are quite a few ways that you can try to soothe Sciatica pain during pregnancy.

  • Use Orange Naturals Pain Relief Cream; a homeopathic cream that can offer relief to minor muscle aches, sore muscles, strains and sprains. Apply it as needed to the affected area. Just use caution if you pick up any brand of pain relief cream, as some are not suggested for use during the third trimester.
  • Apply a warm compress to the areas where the pain is radiating.
  • Take a warm bath with epsom salts each evening to unwind and relax your body.
  • Join a swimming class or attend public swims at your local recreation facility. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise to participate during pregnancy, and you will even find that the water helps remove some of the pressure and helps to support your extra weight.
  • Seek out physical therapy, if your benefits allow. Chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy can sometimes grant you that added bit of relief from your pregnancy aches and pains.
  • Purchase a maternity support belt. Support belts help to lift and support the abdomen, reducing pressure within the pelvis and improving circulation in the legs. Support belts also help to relieve strain on muscles and ligaments by transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine. Support belts are known to help relieve sciatica pain within minutes.
  • Do gentle exercises, including pelvic tilt and kegels. Exercises that will help tone and strengthen your core muscles and helping to reduce inflammation.
  • Sleep with a pregnancy pillow that can tuck between your legs and support your growing belly, like a Snoogle. Pregnancy pillows will help to keep your pelvis is better alignment, if used properly. As well, when your sciatica pain is flaring try to sleep on the side that isn’t aching.
  • Don’t just sit around. Get up and stretch.
  • If the pain gets too unbearable, don’t hesitate to reach for regular strength Tylenol. However, if the pain is that bad, you should also make a point to get in touch with your care provider to keep them informed of your condition.
  • Magnesium supplements may also help to relieve nerve pain. Magnesium has been shown to help reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. As well, it promotes re-generation of sciatic nerve. It is shown that pregnant women who are not getting their daily fill of magnesium in tend to be more prone to anxiety, stress, muscle tension and nerve pain. A supplement like MagPop! can help with that. If all else fails, the magnesium may not take away the pain, but it will help you sleep better at night.

So if you are suffering from Sciatica pain, like me, just know you aren’t suffering alone. The pains may get worse before they get better, but the end result will be a beautiful, bouncing baby in arms. What could really make enduring all that pain more worth it? Seriously. Pregnancy while such a special time can also be quite the pain, but it’s all a rewarding process in the long run… After all you’re creating life! That’s pretty amazing.

Let’s just not talk about those strong after-birth pains in subsequent pregnancies… You don’t know pain until you have endured that. Ha, ha.


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