Every Monday, I start off the day at 6AM, pouring a hot cup of coffee, fixing breakfast for the young ones and sitting down to write the weekly grocery list before getting breakfast for myself.


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Something I have failed to do while writing the weekly grocery list as of late is meal plan. I have kind of just write a list on a whim. I may as well have just not write a list at all and head to the grocery store at the lunch hour to shop while “hangry”.

By not meal planning, I have found my grocery bills have skyrocketed. I don’t feel as compelled to spend time cooking as often, which as result has ended up in us getting take-out almost 3 to 4 times a week.

So why am I sharing this with you on the blog? Well, because I found when I used to share my meal plans weekly or bi-weekly that it not only kept me accountable, but it also found me saving money. A win-win scenario, if you ask me.

To plan my weekly meal plans, I take to great resources like Pinterest, Yummy Mummy Club – Food, and other bloggers websites, like The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, Modern Housewife, Damn Delicious and Picky Palate to name a few. In fact there is this great collective on Facebook that features a ton of great recipes from fellow bloggers – Canada’s Favourite Recipes.

When I plan out my meals I like to take inventory of what ingredients I have readily available in the house. From there I try to simplify the process by planning meals that can use up some of the ingredients I already have on hand, and for the ingredients I don’t already have on hand I look to find multiple recipes that will use the ingredients I need to purchase. In the end this method helps to minimize the overall cost of the groceries and keeps us on budget.

So what’s on the meal plan the next week, you ask?


Really, I shouldn’t call this a weekly meal plan, but rather bi-weekly. I will usually cook Monday through Thursday (sometimes leaving Wednesday night for leftovers). Friday through Sunday always finds my family eating leftovers or treating ourselves to take-out.

So there you have it!

Now that I have shared my meal plan with you…. Tell me – what’s on your meal plan this week?

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