I am not going to lie. This past week has been a rough one in the land of motherhood. As rewarding as motherhood can be, it sure can be a tough journey from time to time. However, that goes with everything in life.

As the tides change, you just have to learn to flow with the current.

Something I am trying to learn to fall back writing more about my personal journey’s through life while also balancing out some of the sponsored stuff. I’m trying my best to go back to the basics (well, kind of)… Back to what built this blog up to be what it is in the first place. The place that I was always first to flock to when I had something to share or silence to break.

After all while I may be a work-at-home Mom, I am also Super Mom to 3 amazing children. Children who can very easily distract me, pulling me away from work and teaching me daily to live in the moment. They have really helped me see the bigger picture in life. They have also taught me to enjoy some of the most little things in life.

Like taking the time to read a book for instance.

Reading is something I have spent a lot of time doing over the years. I am a book worm. I may not get to read as often as I would like anymore, but I sure do enjoy the times when I can escape to the bathtub with a hot cup of tea or a glorified glass of grape juice (ahem… dealcoholized wine) and catch up on a good book.10342910_10154100087085697_6010150431408902183_n

I also long for bedtime each and every night. No, not for the reasons you are thinking, but rather because I look forward to snuggling up with my children in their bed’s and reading their favourite bedtime story to them.

Right now, we are reading Imagine a World by Rob Gonsalves.

Imagine a World is a visually captivating book. The photos and writing offer a magical realism that is mesmerizing to not only children, but adults as well.

With words like “Imagine a world where the sky becomes the Earth; where a waterfall freefalls to become dancing women; where you can cut mountains out of curtains, and ships sail into the sky.” it’s hard not to be inspired.

It’s a book that teaches you to seize opportunity and to not let anyone hold you back. After all, what is more welcoming in life than a world of possibilities?!?

I love snuggling with my children as we flip through books like this one and witnessing the light bulbs going off. You can really pick up on the lessons your children are picking up on as you read to them just by watching their body language as their minds explode with curiosity, full of new ideas that they can’t wait to explore. The deep chats that can follow the reading of a story book are something else too. Special none the less, and moments I will always cherish.

Now that you have heard about one of my favourite times of day… Tell me… What is yours? 

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