“Just 5 more minutes… please, Mom. Just 5.”

Words I hear more often than not when bedtime rolls around.

The truth is that I countdown to bedtime. Bedtime means that not only do I soon get to enjoy quiet time for the hour before I head to bed myself.

BUT – I also get to enjoy unwinding from the whirlwind of a chaotic day with the kids, enjoying their company as I tuck them into bed and read them their favourite bedtime stories.

Light’s out is often followed by many…

“But I just have to pee…” Again… Because you know they didn’t pee a thousand times before bed.

“I need fresh water. This water isn’t cold enough.” Even though I just poured them a fresh cup strictly to take up to bed.

“Can I have just one more story?”

“Mommy, I can’t find my bunny. I can’t sleep without my bunny.” Just another excuse to try to stay up a few minutes later because we all know bunny is tucked right into bed beside them.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

The endless list of excuses I get fed nightly just so the kids can try to stay up that much later is absurd.

In fact, I am battling an epic bedtime battle right now, as I write this very post. Only this time it is my 1.5 year old protesting, as she has been for the last 90 minutes.

Did I mention this protest is eating into my Jessica Jones binge fest? No? Because it is!

It is not often I find myself sucked into a new show that I love, especially a Marvel show.


Jessica Jones, though. There is just something about Jessica Jones that I just love.

Jessica Jones is a young woman who is haunted by a traumatic past, she uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen.

The description of the show definitely doesn’t do this show justice, but if I had to suggest one show you give a watch this month… It would be this one! Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a toddler to go rock to sleep for the 100th time tonight.

Disclosure: I am a Netflix Canada Stream Team Ambassador. All opinions are those of my own.

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