It’s an exciting time in my home, as my 4 year old prepares himself for his first year of school. Unlike my daughter who started school at the ripe age of 3, my son never had the luxury of attending preschool and had to sit tight until it was his time to embark on his wonderful adventure into Kindergarten.

My son is both nervous and excited, but mostly excited for school to start in the coming weeks. He has been quite ready for this transition for quite some time. I think we both have been ready.

I can remember when my first daughter started school, it was such an emotional time for me. I can’t say I feel as hormonal about my son  spreading his wings and growing his independence as he heads off to Kindergarten. It feels different this time around! I’m really excited for him to start this new chapter in his life, and can’t wait to share in it with him.

In preparation for school, my daughter, son and I recently head out to The Children’s Place to start a little back to school shopping. I let them each pick out two outfits.

My 6 year old daughter opted for a plaid tutu skirt, shiny rib kit tights and intarsia knit icon sweater as her first outfit. For her second outfit, she chose a studded leggings and long sleeve lace owl top.


My 4 year old son opted for a pair of pull-on cargo pants and a long sleeved graphic tee . For his second outfit, he chose a pair of loose jeans and long sleeve button-down shirt. He had really been vying for the Ninja Turtles “It’s Go Time” Tee, but unfortunately it was out of stock at the store we were shopping at.

Overall, I would say our shopping experience was a positive one. Any shopping experience that sees me being able to get in and out of the store in less than an hour with all the kids, and no temper tantrums goes down as a success in my books!

What I love about The Children’s Place is that they a one-stop shop for quality, affordable Children’s clothing. Whether you are looking for clothing suitable for children’s school uniforms, clothing for a special occasion or clothing for everyday wear… they have something in store that you and / or your child(ren) is(are) bound to love.

Plus, they quite often feature amazing sales and discounts. Show me a person who doesn’t love a good deal?!

With just under a week until back to school head it is not to late to head on out to your closest The Children’s Place location and get your shopping experience on. Don’t have a location near you? That’s ok. You can always visit their website and shop online!

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