School’s out for Summer, and believe it or not I’m still unsure on how I feel about that. Some days I am excited to have all the kids home and under one roof for the Summer. Other days I want to run for the hills and barricade myself in the bathroom, chanting the countdown until September over and over in my head. Over the past week, it has been more the latter of the two. A 4 and 6 year old who are constantly at each other’s throats will do that to you. Ha, ha.

We are surviving the Summer days (just barely) by getting out daily for 5 to 10 kilometer walks and outdoor play. When we are not outside enjoying the lovely Summer weather, you can find us indoors playing Just Dance Kids. My son, however, you will find him up in his room playing with his trains and Hot Wheels. That boy has more Hot Wheels cars than I can keep track of.  At least two deep bins full. Cameron could spend hours upon hours happily playing with his Hot Wheels cars and tracks.20150616_125916 This Summer, we are also doing a lot more with Hot Wheels. All thanks to the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Program. This program is geared to get children revved up for a summer of learning with the high-octane fun of Hot Wheels! The Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Program features lessons plans, activities and games geared towards children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. The program helps children develop their math, science, visual arts and language proficiency.


The Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Program lesson plans are perfect for a classroom environment. They also come in handy for home-based learning. Cameron will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall, and he and I have been working through some of the lessons to prepare him for the upcoming school year. I have also downloaded some of the lesson plans to work with my 6 year old who will be entering Grade 1 in the Fall.

We plan to continue to work through the lesson plans, introducing a new one every couple of days for the remainder of Summer.

Staying up top of summer learning has never been more fun than it has with Hot Wheels Learning School! Visit the website to download your own set of lesson plans and a fun activity book!

Disclosure: I have received special perks, products and compensation as a part of my affiliation with this program. All opinions are those of my own.

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