Over the past two years, my daughter has taken away many valuable life lessons from school. One thing my daughter’s kindergarten teacher has taught her and her classmates actively over the years has been to focus on filling each other’s buckets. It was something the students all excelled at.

My daughter continues to work to fill the buckets of her family, friends and those in the community. She is a self-less 6 year old who loves to do anything to see others smile.

I was so thrilled when I saw that Build-a-Bear had added Honey Girls to their product line-up.

The Honey Girls – Teegan, Risa and Viv – all met at school and formed their own band. What’s great about these girls is that while their musical interests brought them together, it is their ever-flourishing friendship that keeps them together.

Teegan is the fearless and bold lead singer. Risa is the guitarist, and she is all about music and being creative. Lastly, Viv is the drummer, who’s not only a great friend but also a talented inventor.


I just knew when I saw these dolls that my daughter would love them (and she does!). Her favourite of the bunch is Risa because she reminds her of her lovely that she had as an infant that brought her much comfort over the years.

My daughter welcomed the Honey Girls into our home just under a week ago, and the girls have already taught her many important lessons about the importance of leveraging each other’s strengths and talents. That is important to stand by your friends, be nice, supportive and always lend a helping hand. My daughter loves the positive, empowering message that the Honey Girls convey.


My youngest even loves the Honey Girls too!

The Honey Girls were designed to encourage children to find their passions and overcome obstacles by instilling a sense of confidence and inspiring self-expression.

Each doll retails at $30 ARV. The accessories and clothing are all sold separately.

When customizing your own doll, you can customize your Honey Girl with a special plush star. Each star representing a positive, aspirational trait that complements the Honey Girls. By allowing the child to customize the bear with a star, it allows them to further personalize their Honey Girl making the connection to their new friend that much more special.

My daughter loves that each of the Honey Girls comes with their own original song, as well as the groups debut song, titled “Everything is Better“.

You can learn more about each of the Honey Girls by following their journey on their exclusive, interactive Honey Girls Studio App. Through the Honey Girls Studio App, children will also have access to biographies, music videos, a music video maker and selfie activity, as well as memory games and the ability to unlock special features. The Honey Girls Studio App is available for download in iTunes and Google Play.

To learn more about the Honey Girls or purchase them online visit Build-a-Bear Workshop. Be sure to also tag @buildabear online when joining the Honey Girls conversation!

Disclosure: I was provided with the Honey Girls by Build-a-Bear in order to complete my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are those of my own.

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