My husband and I started dating in June of 2002. I was in grade 12 and he was just wrapping up his first year of university. How we know each other is a bit of a long story, but I can tell you in short that we met back in primary public school. He was in grade 4 and my reading buddy when I was in grade 2. We parted ways in 2006 when my family moved. As fate would have it we meet again through a mutual friend in high school and the rest? Well… it’s history!

The past 13 years have been a wild ride. We have had many up’s and some down’s. However, we have pushed on and come out more on top than before.

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In 2007, we got married. In 2009, we had our first child. In 2010, we miscarried our second child and became pregnant shortly after with my son who was born in 2011. After a dealing with a bout of secondary infertility, our second daughter was born in 2014.


Needless to say we’ve been busy. Life is busy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

My husband is amazing. He is my best friend, and such an amazing father. I couldn’t imagine a better man to be the sippy cup holder, boo-boo kisser, reader of bedtime stories, human jungle gym, teacher, cheerleader and confidant for my children. My children look up to him, follow his lead and learn from his lessons. We want him around for a long time.

Something that has always worried me is how little he stays on top of his health. He spends so much of his time taking care of the family that he often puts his health last. I help him stay on top of his health several way:

  • I encourage him to get annual check-ups.
  • I help him keep his diet in check.
  • I encourage him to exercise regularly, usually 3 to 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • I support and help him find ways to release his stress. Whether it be through the Orange Naturals Stress tincture, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation or sex (yes, I am going there)… just to name a few of the options.
  • I encourage him to drink water more often, and alcohol in moderation.
  • I keep a stock pile of Orange Naturals NDShake for Men in the pantry, and he enjoys one a day to ensure he fuels his body with all the nutrients and essentials his body needs.

As you can see the main thing I try to steer clear of is nagging him about his health. Rather I support him, just as he does our family.

He is amazing, and I can’t imagine life without him!


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