It is hard to believe that is has almost been 3 years since we took possession of our brand new home. A home that has provided us many memories over the years. Between the home birth of our daughter, the master bathroom leak and flooding of our kitchen… we can safely say the past 3 years have been a journey.

One of the main features that sold me on the design we picked for our home was the open concept kitchen. I spend a lot of the time in the kitchen. For that reason, I had always coveted a kitchen that would allow me to spend time with the family while also cooking and creating.


About a month after moving into our home, my son ran into the kitchen after I had finished getting ready for the day. I can vividly remember his blood curdling scream as he wiped out in a big puddle of water by our pantry. I pointed blame at him, accusing him of goofing off and spilling his cup of water all over the floor. It was only shortly after that I quickly apologized for my accusations when I realized that the water was dripping into the kitchen from the ceiling over the pantry.

The leak was so bad that water could be seen leaking on the exterior of our home, and also into our basement.

Our builder was very on the ball with working to rectify the situation.

However, it wasn’t until September that they listened to my pleas about what I thought was mold lingering in my kitchen. They were insistent it had been mildew. After further investigation, the builder soon confirmed what I knew and out came our kitchen.


I remember feeling mortified and ill about the situation. It was shortly before Thanksgiving, which I was suppose to host that year… the first year in our new home. The dinner never happened. In fact, we wound up living out of boxes for a little under two months. Yep. We went two months without a functional kitchen. It was hard, but we made do with what we had.

A little over a year after the renovations and when the leak was resolved, we began to spend time making gradual upgrades to the appliances and finishing touches of the kitchen.

First we started by installing this gorgeous backsplash…


More recently, we upgraded our kitchen faucet, installing a gorgeous Delta Touch2O. This faucet really appealed to me, as I am the cook of the household. There is nothing worse than trying to turn on the faucet when your hands are covered in salmonella after holding raw chicken. That doesn’t have to be a worry now with my new kitchen faucet. The technology of the faucet is amazing. The whole faucet acts as a sensor, and flow is easy to start and stop with a gentle tap of the spout or handle.

Delta-Touch2O (1 of 1)

I just love the cosmetic look of the Delta Touch2O Faucet that we selected. It provides a lovely sophisticated appeal.

There are still a few more changes I would like to make to the kitchen. I would like to purchase a new kitchen table. Preferably one that is solid wood, bar height with a glass top. I also need to make a point to declutter and reorganize my spice shelf in my pantry.

That being said, I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to see how far our kitchen has come along since we moved into our home in mid-2012.


Want to learn more?

Like the Delta Touch2O Faucet that I installed, learn more by visiting their website.

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Delta Faucet, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Delta Faucet.

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