We all tell lies to our kids every once in a while. I’m guilty of it. Admit it – you are too! We make a point to remind our children often that lying is wrong. But let’s be honest, from time to time we can’t help but spin the truth at some point or another.

According to Daily Mail, we tell approximately 3,000 white lies to our children while they are growing up.

Some of the more recent white lies I have told my children, include:

  1. “Santa’s watching you.”
  2. “Did you know that it was so cold this past Easter that the Easter Bunny couldn’t deliver the eggs? Santa did!”
  3. “We’re almost there!” said amid a long road trip when you are still 2 hours away from the destination.
  4. “I don’t know.” A common answer given after being asked 20,000,000 questions about everything in the span of 5 minutes.
  5. “They’re out of it.” OR “We’re out of it.” Often said while sitting in the drive thru, ordering a coffee when a sweet little voice asks for me to order a donut or cookies too.
  6. “You hear that truck playing music outside. Yeah? The sound of the music signifies that it’s bedtime. Time to get your jammies on.”
  7. The time is 8:30 and you need to be out the door in 10 minutes to get the kids to school on time… The kids are doing everything in their power to delay getting ready to head out the door. Cue… “I’m leaving without you!”
  8. “If you don’t clean up the toys in your room, I’m coming in there with a bag and I’m throwing them all out.”
  9. “The park is closed.”
  10. “No, you cannot eat dessert or candy for breakfast.” 20 minutes later, you find me tucked in a corner of the kitchen stuffing my face with a butter tart hoping the kids don’t catch glimpse.
  11. “If you don’t brush your teeth, they will all fall out.”
  12. “Caillou isn’t on Video on Demand anymore.”
  13. “If you don’t stop your fussing, I will turn this car around.”
  14. “Look at all that soot Santa left all over our floors.”

DIY Santa Tracks

Oh, and don’t even get me started on some of the white lies my parents told me during my childhood:

  1. “If you go for a bath without complaint, The Lady will come and leave you a few treats on your pillow to enjoy before bed.”
  2. “If you swallow orange seeds, you will turn into an orange.”
  3. “You aren’t eating fish, it’s chicken fingers of the sea.”
  4. “I know what you did. I saw you do it. I have eyes on the back of my head.” Said to test me and see if I would admit to any sort of wrongdoing.

Speaking of white lies, Netflix Canada has some great titles that I’m sure we all could watch and learn a thing or two about the repercussions of lying:

For the Kids


Super Why!: S1,E15: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures: Pinocchio
Curious George: S1, E19: Truth about George Burger
Clifford the Big Red Dog: S1, E26: The Kibble Crook
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: S1, E9: The Pothole / Chuck’s Perfect Plans

For the Big Kids


Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!
H2O: Just Add Water
Mean Girls
iCarly: S1, E12: iPromise not to Tell

For Teens & Parents


Just Go With It
Liar, Liar
Pretty Little Liars

What white lies have you told to your kids recently? 

Disclosure: I’m a Netflix Canada Stream Team Ambassador. As a part of my affiliation with this group, I receive special perks. All opinions noted are those of my own.

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  1. Brandy
    April 21, 2015 at 10:15 pm (3 years ago)

    Oh my gosh! Those are hilarious! Especially numbers 5, 9 and 12! Love it!


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