The excitement around my house is unreal. March Break is in full swing and we are busily getting ready for our Mexican adventure next week.

Mexico is like a second home to our family. We have traveled there a lot over the years. We love the culture, the food, the people… Seriously… What is not to love?

This trip will be my 1 year old’s first trip down south, and seriously you would swear that I wasn’t an old pro at traveling with an infant by now. After all I have done it many a time in the past. However, I am dreading the flight. Absolutely dreading it. The idea of flying outnumbered with 3 children 5 and under is daunting. I’m sure we will make off just fine, but still… Did I mention that my one year old is busy and if she is not busy climbing the furniture she wants you running around the family room in circles while holding her? It will be interesting to see how she handles being confined to a plane for a solid few hours.

Being that I have traveling with an infant on the brain, I thought I would take the time to share with you some of my must-have travel essentials when traveling down south with baby:

Camera. You know to document all those sweet and cherished memories you will be making with your family.

Electrolytes. I usually just pick up a box of the powdered electrolyte packets and if travelers illness strikes I can rest assured that I have the packets hand to mix with a bottle of water.

Coconut oil. It acts as a great moisturizer for the skin, but is also soothing enough to treat common ailments like bug bites and sunburns.

Diapers and wipes. Lots of both. Don’t get infant swim diapers too.

Infant snacks and purees. Don’t count on the fact that your child will eat the food served at the resort while you are on vacation. In fact, my kids have been known to turn their noses up at it. For this reason it is important to pack snacks and infant purees that will see you through the week. If your baby is bottle fed, don’t forget the formula too. If you breastfeed, pack your pump for the off-chance that you might need it.

Lots of clothing and SPF swimsuits. Prepare to be greeted with any whether. Pack hats, summer attire, jackets, swimwear, pants, light sweaters. You name it. Make sure you pack it.

Bibs, disinfectant wipes and high chair covers. I am a bit of Nazi about bringing disinfectant wipes and high chair cover when we travel. While these two items might be optional to others, it is not to me. One of my children have contracted hand, foot and mouth disease while visiting Mexico in prior years. It wasn’t pretty, and the vacation wound up being a nightmare. For this reason, we now pack disinfectant wipes and a highchair cover with the bibs.

Probiotics. Orange Naturals has a great probiotic powder formulated for toddler to teen that would make the perfect companion when travelling abroad. It is important not take a vacation from your supplements when you go on vacation. Rather bring them with you. Probiotics will help reduce the risk of travelers diarrhea. It will aid in keeping your microbiome happy and healthy while you’re out gallivanting and enjoying yourself with your family.

Sunscreen. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Equip yourself with a lot of sunscreen. The last thing you want is to have to buy it down south where the cost will be incrementally more.

Pack each child a carry-on. Before your vacation visit your local dollar store and stock up on colouring books, crayons, snacks and cheap little toys and puzzles that are new to your child. Pack these items into individual carry-on bags (one per child). You would be amazed at how much this travel carry-on will entertain your child throughout the duration of the trip.

Nausea and vomiting medication. Let’s face it – the kids can get sick and there is no preventing when they will. Take proper precautions and pack Orange Naturals Nausea and Vomiting for Kids Tincture in your suitcase. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ibuprofen or other fever relief medications. You will always find ibuprofen in our medicine bag when we travel. Before we administer that to the children, we always first try Orange Naturals Fever for Kids.

Stroller and baby carrier(s). Prepare yourself for how you plan to get your family from point A to point B while at the airport and the resort.Will your infant be more comfortable being worn? Will your little one be napping by the pool in the stroller? All things to take into consideration.

UV Peapod tent, flotation devices and water wings. I only pack these items if I have room within my luggage. Otherwise, I will purchase them once I have arrived at my destination.

So there you have it! My list of essentials when I travel with baby.

Have you ever traveled with an infant? If so, what is one must-have essential item you would recommend someone traveling with an infant pack?


Orange Naturals has an informative article on their website about traveling with baby, I highly recommend checking it out if you are planning a family vacation soon with baby.

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Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Tammy Mitchell
    March 24, 2015 at 1:49 pm (3 years ago)

    I hope your family is having fun in the sun! Some great tips here Nicole!


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