December has always been known as the month of travel for my family. We live in a small town about 1 to 2 hours east of our parents, so when it comes to the holidays we tend to take turns traveling to visit one another each year. Usually we will attend two Christmases’ in the west-end of the GTA, and host two Christmases’ at our home.

Have you ever seen the movie Four Christmases’? Yup. Our family is the epitome of that very movie.

I regress…

This past weekend, we kicked off our month of travel by heading to Brampton to visit my Nana’s memorial plot. December 14th marked two years since she had lost her battle to ALS, and December 17th would have marked her 73rd birthday.

My kids thought it would be a nice idea to send some balloons up to heaven for their Great Nana’s birthday, so we did exactly that. I’m all for anything that will make memories last, and this was one of those moments that I am sure we will carry on with in the years to come.


While travelling with kids may not be the easiest, my husband and I have come to master the art over the years. We are a family that is known to head on many road trips and also take flights down south often.

So how do we manage?

When preparing for a lengthy trip, I always stop off at our local dollar store to stock up on colouring books and other cheap toys that hold no significant value. We load up our tablets with the kids favourite movies. Stock up on snacks and clear drinks. Lastly, we prepare games that we can play while on the road. Eye spy is a favourite around these ranks!

Travelling in the winter months can be a bit trickier, as you have to also factor in snow suits while also dealing with the colder weather.

The most important thing I can stress about Winter travel with kids is to never load your child into their car seat while wearing their Winter jacket. It is important to  avoid the using bulky jackets and heavy winter coats while buckling your child into a car seat as the coat can compress in a crash and create a loose harness that may put your child at greater risk of injury.  Rather load your child into the car seat with a light sweater  or light jacket. After  your child is properly secured in the car seat, you can then place the winter jacket over your child like a blanket. It is always important to err on the side of caution, especially during the cooler months.

Prior to heading the door each day, I will usually warm up the car prior to loading my children in their Evenflo car seats. We also keep an ample supply of blankets in the car to drape over the kids for added warmth and comfort.

There are so many ways to protect your children from the dangers that come with wearing a winter jacket while in a car seat.

Do you travel often with your family? What are some of your tried and trusted travel tips?

Disclosure: I am an Evenflo Ambassador. I have received compensation and product in exchange for cultivating this post. All opinions are those of my own.

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