There is no denying that I don’t get out much lately, and when I do it usually involves a quick jaunt to my local Walmart. That in and of itself feels like a brief vacation. Well… when I get to shop and meander through the store alone that is (which isn’t very often).

So recently when I was presented with the challenge to shop and save at Walmart during their 20th anniversary sale, and share about my experiences with my devoted readers, I couldn’t pass it up. What could be better than an opportunity to escape from behind the 4 walls for an hour or two, and enjoy a hot coffee while perusing through a store chocked full of amazing deals.


The main destination of my shop was dedicated to the seasonal and Summer aisles. As many of you will remember, my family lives in a new build, and we had our sod laid and fence built last year. This Summer has been the year of making our yard our own. We don’t travel far from home, and love being able to just enjoy our personal outdoor living space. Particularly in the evenings after the children have drifted off to sleep.

My Amazing Finds!

This wicker outdoor dining table was screaming my name. Alas, we don’t have room for it in our backyard, but it would have paired nicely with our wicker fire pit.


This table caught my attention too.


Both are perfect options for enjoying a meal outdoors or an evening barbecue among friends.

My daughter’s birthday is quickly approaching. We are hoping to hold her party outdoors warranting that the weather cooperates. We all can appreciate how temperamental Mother Nature can be. We picked up a few of these outdoor folding chairs to have on hand for her party.


We can also use these chairs if we ever happen to go camping. My daughter has made it very clear that rather than presents this year she would love for us to take her on her first camping trip.


Our current tent is in pretty rough shape, and not to mention small. For a camping trip to even take place, we would need to pick up a new tent first. I always thought tents were fairly expensive, but I was surprised to come across this awesome deal. I didn’t end up purchasing it, as I wasn’t sure the tent would be accommodating enough for a family of 5. Secretly, I would just rather glamp… We’ll just keep that between you and I though. Shh…

If you need me in the meantime, you can find me sipping my morning coffee here…


Seriously though, how cute is this wicker bar table. I love it! It compliments my porch nicely, and I cannot wait to kick back and enjoy a coffee at it on a nice, breezy Summer morning. Notice I did not use the word quiet. Mornings are far from quiet at our house. Very far from quiet.

If you are out and about this weekend, and looking to score some great deals. Check out Walmart and shop their 20th anniversary sale ! You won’t be disappointed.

Me on the other hand? I’ll be spending the weekend nursing a sore jaw. I have the pleasure of having two wisdom teeth removed. Joy…



Have a great weekend, peeps!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have received special perks and/or compensation in exchange for cultivating this post. All opinions are those of my own.


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