It is not all that often that an opportunity presents itself for me to get out of the house for an extended period of time… Alone. So when I was presented with an opportunity recently to attend Katy Perry’s stop-off in Toronto for her Prismatic World Tour you can bet I quickly snagged it!

It was a bit of a whirlwind in the days leading up the event as I prepared myself for an evening away from the baby. Pumping off bottles and bottles of breast milk, crying over spilled liquid gold and worrying that I wouldn’t leave my husband with enough breast milk to met my little one’s demands for the evening.

An opportunity to head out also warranted the need for a little retail therapy. Something I can’t justify doing all that often. This occasion deserved a new summer dress. Something fun and sassy for an evening on the town with some fellow P&G Mom’s. My shopping trip found me spending a lot of time in the car nursing the wee bundle.


It was quite a big deal that I took her out to the store with me. I almost never head to the store with the baby. But I did it! I rationed with myself and overcame my insecurities. All in hopes to prepare for what was going to be an amazing evening out. Suffice to say I also was trying to snag any opportunity to just enjoy being with my precious bundle before my evening away. It doesn’t matter if I head out for an hour or more without her, I always miss her a great deal when her presence isn’t near.

photo (49)

After arriving home from our shopping trip I was so excited to INSTAglam myself for the evening. My make-up of choice included: CoverGirl XL Gel Polish (Whole Lotta Guava), CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara, and CoverGirl Colourlicious (Whipped Berry). All products are from Katy Perry’s InstaGlam inspired CoverGirl line-up.

I couldn’t imagine a better spokesperson for CoverGirl! Katy Perry is spunky, fun, bold, passionate and full of life! Her personality shines through with CoverGirl and the InstaGlam Collection!


Before I knew it I was out the door and headed to the GO station to meet up with Andrea from Mommy Gearest and Jen from Mom vs the Boys, so we could make our way into Toronto for the evening.



I had so much fun with all of these ladies!

The night started out with Capital Cities. I wasn’t really sure who this American Indie Pop Duo were until they started belting out the lyrics to Safe & Sound. At one point they had requested the audience all turn on their smartphones flash lights and wave them in the air. The result was a beautiful star lit stadium. It was really quite something else.


After Capital Cities wrapped up the set, the wait was on for Katy Perry to take the stage and dazzle the audience. I took this time to message with my husband and see how things were going at home. Yes, I am that Mom. I had to check in to be rest assured that everything was going smoothly. Of course it was.

Shortly after 9PM, Katy Perry took to the stage. I was over the moon excited!

You may not be able to gauge it from the pictures, but we had phenomenal seats. We were 14 rows away from the floor, but close enough that we had an amazing view of Katy Perry on the stage.

photo 1 (30)

Katy’s set list featured many favourites, including: I Kissed A Girl, Last Friday, Hot ‘n Cold, E.T., Roar and Firework. It also featured many new songs from her latest album Prism, including some of my favourites: This Is How We Do, Walking on Air, Legendary Lovers, Unconditionally and International Smile.


One of my favourite moments of the night is when she called a nine year old boy up on the stage. Katy had a pepperoni pizza in hand, and mentioned she had a gluten allergy and wanted to share the pizza with some of her Katy Cats. She asked the boy if he had a gluten allergy to which he responded, “No, but I do have an allergy to the pepperoni”. Well didn’t that just leave Katy Perry tickled pink. It was such a cute moment! One I am sure the little boy will cherish forever!

photo (48)

Another moment that stood out from the night was when Katy took a selfie with an audience member. The audience member had been holding a sign that read something to the effect of, “Katy – my cat would love to see a selfie of us together!”. Who was she to not fulfill the wishes of one of her cats. The 20 year old man was just about in tears. Katy had to tell him he needed to stop getting teary or she would cry too, and really who wants to look at a selfie of people crying.

I just couldn’t help, but be in awe of how personable Katy was with her fans. The way she interacted with her audience is something  that I think a lot of performers out there could learn from. Katy proved that she isn’t just some performer out there trying to make big bucks, but rather a down to earth gal from California who wears her heart of her sleeve and has incredible talent.


The night was certainly one to remember! I didn’t want it to end, but the hours slipped on by at a rapid rate. Before I knew it Katy was wrapping up to show with Firework and we were off on our long(ish) journey home! It was certainly a late night, but it was one that was totally worth the lack of sleep and vat of coffee that was consumed the next morning.

Thank you Citizen Optimum, P&G and CoverGirl for inviting me out to enjoy this wonderful evening with you all! It was a night out this Momma was in desperate need of! As my husband says, I deserved it! I honestly cannot thank you all enough!

Disclosure: I’m a #PGMom ambassador. As a part of my participation in this program, I have access to events, giveaways and other review opportunities. All of my opinions expressed are those of my own, and not a PR company or P&G.


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