It is funny how regardless of how many times you have given birth to a child. Becoming a Mom for the first, second, third or fourth time is always a new experience. It is almost as if you have to teach yourself the ways you once mastered (like breastfeeding for instance). It always takes you time once your baby is born to find your way, settle upon a routine and feel like yourself again. I’m happy to say I am finally reaching that point.

Everly may have just turned 4 months, but I finally feel at ease with everything. It is like I have accustomed to being a Mom of 3, probably because I have. However I would hate to say that, and then have life turnaround and sucker punch me. Motherhood is certainly a journey.

4months (1 of 1) - ig

School is now out for the Summer and things are now so much more relaxed around the house. I love that I don’t have to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn just to sneak in that quick shower before the hustle and bustle of trying to breastfeed the baby and get the kids out the door to catch the school bus. I love that I can now just laze in bed on these beautiful Summer mornings, snuggling Everly, sipping a hot coffee while the little ones play quietly in their room or watch kids CBC. Everything is so casual and go with the flow.


With the end of the school year, we have also started to embark on crossing many items off our family bucket list. Between visiting with our buddy, Optimus Prime, visting Jungle Cat World, picking endless amounts of Strawberries and burning off energy at Ribfest… we are well on our way to enjoying a memorable Summer. And well… I am well on my way to successfully maintaining my goal of getting out of the house more often. Something I have been intimidated of doing for quite some time.Ribfest-2

Now I just need to focus on setting up more playdates, and trying to get out of the house alone with the little ones. You know visiting places other than the doctors office or sneaking in a quick country drive.

Breastfeeding is going quite well now that Everly and I have established a fabulous relationship. You wouldn’t even know that we had our bout of struggles that we had to work through. I would really like to try to wean off of Domperidone, but I worry that it may tank my breast milk supply. Truth be told the side effects that may accompany the use of Domperidone freak me out. Ahem – sudden heart failure. Yea… No thank you. I will pass on that if my body will cooperate. I plan to wean slowly, dropping one pill a week until I am finally off the prescription. Fingers crossed I am successfully in my attempts. If not, it isn’t really a big deal.


This month also brings with it some change. Everly has been phased off of Rantidine, which she had been taking for her reflux. She is only come of the prescription for the period of a month though. During this time, the doctor has us introducing rice cereal to her with the hopes that eating cereal will help mature her sphincter at a more rapid rate. If all goes well she won’t have to reunite with the nasty smelling reflux medicine.

Weight gain slowed down a bit this month. Everly now weighs 11bs, 11oz, and measures 23 inches.

It has been such a pleasure to watch Everly grow over the last few months, and reach new milestones. Her newest milestone being her discovery of her sweet, innocent giggle. There is no sound more perfect. Between standing in the front hall mirror with her making faces to simply just calling her a silly goose and telling her you love her, it all makes her sincere laughter shine through. However, I think for the most part she thinks I am a fool because she doesn’t laugh all that often, but when she does it is special.

We are now reaching that stage in development where milestones will continually present themselves, and I cannot wait to see Everly reach each one. This Summer is surely going to be one to remember.


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