Today certainly does seem like the day that I share posts about my daughter with you. Truth to be told, I am so proud of how much she has grown over the past year. Junior Kindergarten has really molded her into quite the little lady. One that my husband and I are quite proud of.

Recently I had a handful of review opportunities presented to me. Opportunities that would be well-suited towards our lifestyle and would compliment my 5 year old daughters interests well. Perfect timing! After the fantastic school year my daughter has had I can say she deserved these little perks.

When my daughter isn’t outside playing in the yard, attending school or dance classes, you will often find her quietly playing dolls in her room. That is if I can deter her from watching Frozen for the billionth time. Quite often when I know she is playing with her dolls I will turn on the baby monitor just to listen in on her. She has such a vivid imagination. It is always heartwarming to hear her creative side flow through with imagination play.lottie

A little over a week ago, I received a Lottie Doll for Cadence to review. She was over the moon! What little girl doesn’t love the day when she can add another doll to her growing collection?

Lottie is an award-winning doll for children aged 3-9, her aim is to encourage healthy and positive body image. The key point of difference is that Lottie has a ‘childlike’ body. Lottie doesn’t wear makeup, jewelry or high heels. More importantly, Lottie can stand on her own two feet. A life skill that is important for both girls big and small.

Be bold, be brave, be you.

It goes without saying that Lottie’s life motto speaks for itself, and drastically sets this doll apart from other competitors on the market!

Lottie is all about celebrating the different ways a girl can be girl through various inspiring, empowering and adventurous conventional activities.

There are currently 12 different Lottie dolls available on the market, retailing at $19.99 each.

My daughter’s favourite of the bunch is the Butterfly Protector Lottie.

butterfly protector lottie doll 4

Being an outdoorsy girl, herself, she can resonate with Butterfly Protector Lottie. Making endless hours of play a huge possibility!

For more information about Lottie Dolls or to check out the product line for yourself, visit Lottie’s website.

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