Nowadays when you run into me you can bet your bottom dollar that my 3 month old won’t be all that far behind. As a matter of fact, she will more than likely be in my arms or being worn. It goes without saying that Everly is a total Momma’s girl, which I wholeheartedly adore. The bond we are flourishing is unlike any other.

However… Let’s face it…

There are times when Mommy needs a break. Just a few minutes of space. Y’know – to tackle a few odds an ends around the house or whatever else my heart may desire.

For the longest time, I thought there may never come a time that Everly would let me put her down. If I so much as tried, she would wake in a moments notice and let her mark be known that she was not pleased that I was not right by her side, basking in her sweet glorious snuggles.

We have introduced many baby products to Everly over the past few months, and the only one she seems to have become smitten with is the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer.  A bouncer that features a cushioned foot pillow, and side supports with removable head support.


I attribute the plush fabrics and melodies featured on this bouncer to keeping Everly soothed and content for extended periods. Allowing me the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, whip up a quick bite to eat or even sneak in a quick hot shower (which let’s face it – showering is a luxury these days!). Show me a “new” Mom who wouldn’t want to savour any of these glorious moments while her baby enjoys a sweet “retweet”?!?

The removable toy bar features two plush toys (one with a mirror), and pivoting a way for one-handed easy ins and outs. Ensuring that every “retweet” sends Everly on a bouncetastical journey to find sweet, sweet serenity! A journey that sometimes even soothes my precious bundle into a blissful sleep. In the rare occasions that Everly does drift off to sleep, I simply shift the bouncer from a fully upright seated position to a reclined cradle position. Lack of comfort is the least of our concerns with this bouncer.


Oddly enough the only thing that my 3 month old doesn’t appreciate about the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer is the vibration feature. The first of my three children not to love the soothing effects of vibration. I find it so interesting how each baby can be so alike, but yet so different in many ways.

It goes without saying the the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer is a winner in our home!


The Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer is the perfect product to pick up as a baby shower gift! To learn more about this fabulous product or purchase on for yourself, visit Toys ‘R’ US.

* This product retails at an approximate retail value of $59.99, and is perfect for newborns and infants up to 20lbs!

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