I have been meaning to write up this blog post for the good portion of a week, but life got busy. Between Father’s Day and dealing with fussy baby syndrome (ahem… good ol’ reflux issues), I have had my hands tied. You just have to roll with the punches when parenting an infant, and that is certainly what I have been doing. Some days being easier than others.

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I can hardly believe that my wee girl is now 1/4 of a year old. She has grown and changed so much over the past few weeks.

Everly is such a happy baby. Seldom does she have a fussy day, and when she does you know something must truly be bothering her. Generally related to her reflux. Everly loves to babble and has eyes for Mommy. If Everly could get away with itI am almost certain that she would be in my arms around the clock day in and day out.

I usually manage catch about 3 hours of sleep a night alone each night before Everly will find her way back in to my arms for the day. We co-sleep for the most part. Yes, I know it is a bad habit. However, I am all for doing what works. Especially when it comes down to catching some shut eye. Heaven knows, I must be the most caffeinated Mom on the planet as of late.

I have found myself struggling with two things: breastfeeding in public and getting out of the house. I will be the first to admit that both intimidate me. Most of the time if I am out and about, and the situation arises where Everly needs to be fed I will meander my way back to the car and nurse her there. Away from everyone else and out of the eye of the public. This insecurity of breastfeeding in public arose 5 years ago when I had an old betty say some unsolicited remarks to me about breastfeeding my firstborn by the lake in a public park. I haven’t been comfortable with breastfeeding since. Can you blame me? As for getting out of the house, this is something I need to work on. Whether it be through attending or arranging play dates, or jaunts to the store I need to get out more with the kids in tow. I am going stir crazy behind these 4 walls. Getting out on my own time and alone is a whole other story! I bail out of the house like I am escaping Alcatraz when it comes to scoring some alone time.

We had a visit with our doctor for a routine check-up to see if her reflux had improved at all since being placed on ranitidine, and also to check in on her weight and ensure that she was continuing on the right path and not regressing back into her old ways.

Everly surely made the doctor and Mommy proud at this appointment. Over the past month Everly has gained approximately two pounds, weighing in at 10 pounds 5 ounces. The weight gain was the proof we needed to officially diagnose Everly with GERD, and to be rest assured that we were right in placing her on her current prescription of ranitidine. The doctor had mentioned the possibility of weaning her off the prescription when Everly is 4 months old, but honestly I am not OK with that. The last thing I would want to do at this point is screw up something great, and we surely have had some great momentum over the last while. So why not wait until we know her sphincter has matured and her reflux issues have died down?!

Words cannot even begin to express how thankful I am  for all of the support I have received over the past 3 months! I couldn’t have made it through dealing with the weight issues and breastfeeding hurdles without all of my friends, family and readers cheering me on every step of the way. So thank you all.

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  1. Soozle
    June 23, 2014 at 8:02 am (4 years ago)

    Shes beautiful 🙂 Happy 3 months!


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