My family loves to travel. Whether it be abroad or locally – we love to get out and explore this beautiful world of ours. More often than not you will find us flocking to Niagara Falls for an impromptu weekend getaway. This past weekend was no different.

Given that our bundle is only 5 weeks old, we had to take that into consideration when planning out our trip. We had my Mother-in-law watch our eldest two children for the weekend. Being the wee bundle is exclusively breastfed she tagged along for the road trip with my husband and I. I am fairly certain that she enjoyed the weekend as much as my husband and I both did. The one-on-one bonding time we had with Everly over the weekend was phenomenal.


One would certainly assume that travelling with a child, let alone a one month old would be stressful. I found it to be a cake walk. We were sure to pack a good assortment of receiving blankets, outfits, diapers, wipes, everyday essentials (lotions), feeding supplies (nursing pillow, Domperidone, breastfeeding supplements, and pump), and health card in Everly’s travel bag.

Prior to hitting the road, we mapped out restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel, as well as our agenda for the weekend. Being that there was cheerleading Nationals being held in Niagara this past weekend, we hadn’t planned on venturing far from the hotel. For this reason we booked a room with a view of both the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

Last year for our anniversary, my husband surprised me by booking a London cab that took us on a historical tour through Niagara-on-the-Lake as we popped into several wineries along the way. On the way to Niagara, we made the point to revisit some of the wineries and stock up on our favourite vinos. This also allowed the opportunity for me to breastfed Everly.

ravine 2
Enjoying some fresh air at Ravine Vineyard.

We made our way to the hotel after enjoying the afternoon touring wine country.


Usually we stay at Embassy Suites, however, this trip we decided to give Marriott Fallsview a whirl. We had visited the hotel years ago for an old friend’s wedding, but this was our first time boarding at the hotel for the weekend.

The service at the hotel truly amazed me. It was top notch from the moment we arrived. Being that Nationals were the same weekend one would have anticipated that the check-in would have been busy, but we got seen to and checked into the hotel immediately upo arrival. Before we knew it we were settling into a superior fallsview guest room. The concierge had gone above and beyond, upgrading us to this room free of charge; a room that offered an immaculate view of both Falls, in addition to a fire place.

The weekend involved a lot of lounging around the room, taking in the breathtaking view and bonding with our newest addition.

Oh and we can’t forget about the amazing relaxation massage that my husband booked me in for on the Sunday morning!

Spa selfie.

The last time I had been for a massage was on our babymoon in January. I had every intentions of going for another massage after my fall a week prior to Everly’s birth, but things never panned out.

This massage was such a treat. As the masseuse said ‘a one hour relaxation massage makes up for 4 hours of lost sleep’. Gosh – did it ever feel that way! I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after my massage. I have been experiencing a lot of back pain while breastfeeding, so the masseuse took the time to go over some exercises with me that could help alleviate those discomforts in the future. Brilliant!

Weekend getaways always seem to go by at such a rapid rate. Before I knew it we had to check out of the hotel and head home.

The weather this past weekend was outstanding.


So outstanding that we had to make a pit stop on the way home to enjoy a drink on the patio. The first patio drink of the season, in fact!

To sum it up the weekend was nothing short of blissful. I may have kicked off the weekend after a sleepless night with the baby, but the lack of sleep didn’t get my spirits down. While I may not have had the opportunity to catch up on the lost sleep while we were away, it was nice to kick back and relax with just my husband and the baby. AND – to think that this time last year we were pretty sure that we would never have another baby after struggling with infertility issues. Boy – the difference a year can make! Truly blessed.

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