Traditionally cold and flu season kicks off as early as October and can run as late as May. Typically with huge spikes in cases  being reported during January and February.

There is no denying that my family has felt the wrath of the flu season this year in particular.

I started off the season by falling ill with an influenza virus in October, which later developed into pneumonia.

Pukemas strikes...
Moments before Pukemas strikes…


When we thought we were out of the woodwork, the stomach flu later found our family over the Christmas holidays. Knocking us all off of our feet for 12 to 48 hours at a time.


Lastly, my daughter fell really ill recently with a bad strain of pneumonia, which later found her in the hospital after repeat visits to various doctors who all offered a different diagnosis until things took a turn for the worse.

Thankfully we are all on our feet and in good health at the moment! (knock on wood)

With that being said – life can certainly be thrown in a tizzy when the cold and flu strike! My family certainly understands the impact it makes. It puts the everyday at a standstill while you frivolously try to bring your loved one back to good health.

Oddly enough a lot of our our family celebrates birthday’s during the months of January and February. Months that are common to see increases in reported cases of influenza. I’m one of those Winter babies who has experienced much time sick in bed on my birthday. It is not ideal… nor is it fun!

This past January, I celebrated my 30th. My husband arranged for us to head to Niagara Falls for a child-free weekend while the kids stayed with Grandma. Remember how I mentioned above that my daughter fell ill with pneumonia? Yep. The onset of the pneumonia symptoms started showing almost immediately upon our return from out getaway!

The week following our getaway my daughter had come home from school mentioning that her good friends, J and A, were both unwell. She described their symptoms to me. Basic cold symptoms. Given that bit of information, I started pumping up my daughter with extra fluids, vitamins and Orange Naturals Cough and Cold Tinture.


The Cough and Cold Tincture did wonders when it came to lessening the impending cold symptoms. As well my daughter found the tincture to be quite calming when her symptoms took a turn for the worse.

Once my daughter received her pneumonia diagnosis, we also introduced her to the Orange Naturals Digestion and Appetite tincture. Heavens knows her appetite really suffered during the 2-weeks that she was ill. Not only that her tummy took a hit.


The Digestion and Appetite Tincture was fabulous as it helps to aid in digestion, relieves stomach aches (something we always seem to deal with when antibiotics enter the picture), stimulates appetites while also working to reduce bloating, flatulence and bleching. While my daughters appetite was slow to return to normal, this tincture certainly helped alleviate the pains and fussiness that would result from reintroducing her to a regular diet.

While I am so grateful that my birthday weekend away, which included a relaxing prenatal massage and a much need child free night was spared… I also hate that my daughter fell so ill shortly thereafter.  No parent enjoys dealing with a sick child. It makes for stressful, heart-wrenching times.

Has your family felt the wrath of this cold and flu season?

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