For the past few weeks I have had all intentions of sitting down and writing a post updating you all on my pregnancy. I just have never taken advantage of the opportune moments to make it happen. Truth be told – up until recently I have been in denial that my little bundles due date is fast approaching.

With 27 days to go (give or take), there is certainly no denying that this little bundle could be here any day now.

Heck – I just had one of my midwives here this morning for my home visit. If anything now it feels more real than ever that I am nearing on the full-term status with this pregnancy. Only 5 more days to go until I am 37 weeks.

So to answer the big question… How are you feeling? (Don’t deny it – I know you wanted to ask. Everyone does these days!)

Overall, I am feeling OK.

Up until recently I have continued working out daily. Rotating a schedule of pilates, cardio, strength and resistance. Just last week we had upwards of 10 centimeters of snow dumped on us. I shoveled twice the day of the snow storm with no complaint; not because my husband wouldn’t do it, but rather because he was at work and I knew I was fully able.

Unlike my previous pregnancies where Braxton Hicks contractions have made themselves known from 28 weeks and onward, I haven’t experienced any to date. Rather this past weekend I started having some lower back pain and menstrual-like cramps. These ailments have since let up, but the pelvic pressure has since become more predominant. There is certainly no denying that I am becoming a little more uncomfortable as each day passes.

My appetite has also be lacking for the past few days. A rarity for me. The girl who loves to indulge all types of nutrient-packed foods.

The vitals from today’s home visit showed that I am now measuring 2 weeks behind. Up until this week I have generally been measuring 1 to 2 weeks ahead. For that reason and a combination of a few other symptoms, I have been asked to rest until Sunday when I am meant to reach full-term. Fair enough. The only problem being that I totally suck at resting! (Just ask my husband…) I’ll do it, but it will take some motivation! The health and well-being of the baby and I makes for the perfect motivator.

30 days to go... Just shy of 36 weeks.
30 days to go… Just shy of 36 weeks.

Up until now I have been planning an at home water birth. My home birth kit has been packed and tucked away in a corner of my bedroom for weeks. All that I have left to do is prepare my hospital bag. Conveniently I have left my hospital bag sitting beside my home birth kit, empty. I need to see to it that it gets packed ASAP. Putting it off simply for the fact that I don’t want a hospital birth won’t stop or change a situation that could arise that would require  a hospital transfer or delivery. Preterm labour being one possibility.

Labour and delivery can be such an unpredictable process. Even the most simple birth plans can sometimes be thrown awry. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could control the outcome of our labour and delivery experience?! I think that would be every pregnant woman’s dream!

Whether my birth plan ends up panning out and I get to deliver at home. Or, I end up having to deliver in hospital for some odd reason…  I am really looking forward to having Calla from Born by Calla Photography there to capture the birth of my daughter. Knowing that my husband will be able to focus his attention on me while I am in labour, and while also being able to enjoy those first intimate moments with our daughter once she is born without having to rush around fiddling with a camera makes me feel not only happy, but relieved! I’m sure it takes a bunch of weight off of his shoulders too knowing that Calla will be there  to document the birth of our daughter. Heavens knows he is not the most camera savvy individual.

When I really stop and think about it, it almost feels surreal that Baby E could make her grand arrival any day now! This pregnancy has flown by. It’s all just a waiting game now…

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  1. Marianne Rozak
    February 21, 2014 at 7:28 pm (4 years ago)

    37 weeks now here too… I completely don’t have a plan (other then call the midwife and go to the hospital once I’m in labour).

    I’d prefer another natural vaginal birth (my first was an emergency c-section after an induction, pitocin and epidual placed at 9.5cm) – but sometimes things don’t work out as planned.


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