Christmas Eve is just one week away! Usually at this time of year I am scrambling to decide, which delicious breakfast casserole I want to prepare for my family to enjoy on Christmas morning.

I always opt to prepare a breakfast casserole that requires minimal preparation, can be prepared the night before, and refrigerated. The objective is to minimize how much time I have to spend in the kitchen on Christmas morning. Rather maximizing the amount of time I can spend with my family, listening to Christmas carols, enjoying their company and opening our stockings.

Reflecting on my childhood, I can vividly recall my excitement on Christmas morning. I thought nothing could ever top that excitement. This all changed when I had children. Nothing is seriously more exciting than enjoying their company on Christmas Day. All the more reason to try to cut back the amount of time I spend in the kitchen on Christmas!

One recipe I have wanted to try for years, but have never have is the Christmas Morning Wife Saver. Egg Farmers of Ontario has the perfect recipe for this casserole! One to which I know I will be preparing for my family to enjoy on Christmas morning this year.

Christmas Morning Lifesaver

If you find this recipe inspiring, check out the Egg Farmers of Ontario website for further ideas!

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