It’s the eve of Christmas Eve, and something I’m looking quite forward to is opening my tree gifts with the family tomorrow. Nestling into our new Christmas PJs with a cup of holiday egg nog and watching Miracle on 34th Street. This has been a tradition that I have been accustomed to since my childhood. A tradition that bears great meaning to me.

Over the years, I have grown old of just enjoying the same old store bought holiday egg nog, but rather I love to try out new spins on a traditional holiday drink. Candy cane egg nog and chai egg nog being some of my favourites! BUT – did you also know you can make a chocolate egg nog!? Egg Farmers of Ontario has a decadent recipe for holiday egg nog. One that you can easily spin into your own masterpiece with a little imagination!

Holiday Egg Nog[6]-page-001

What is your favourite drink to enjoy over the holidays?

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