It’s been months since I last had the opportunity to sit down and share my weekly meal plan with you. This week I have a lot of time allotted to cooking in the kitchen, so I felt I would share my meal plan with you.

I’m one of Kraft Canada’s new What’s Cooking Contributors, so monthly I will be bringing you a new recipe inspired by a What’s Cooking theme. This week a lot of my meal plan is geared around many slow cooker What’s Cooking recipes. I’m ready to get inspired, try new dishes, and in some cases modify them to make them my own! Lord knows I love to play around with recipes in the kitchen.

One of my all-time slow cooker dishes is Fusilli alla Carbonara. Mind you – it isn’t on my meal plan this week!


On top of that I’m taking part in the #CookieEggchange, so there will be a lot of baking happening in the kitchen. I have such fond memories of baking cookies with my Grandma each holiday season, so it will be fun to spend an afternoon or two baking in the kitchen with my daughter. She is really looking forward to our after-school bonding time! Part of me wonders if she is just excited to finally get to put her Easy Bake Oven to use.

On the meal plan this week, you will find:

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