The weather sure has been all over the place lately. In the past week we have seen freezing rain, temperatures below zero and in the double digits, wind warnings, and in some areas… snow. There is certainly no denying that Winter is upon us!

I’m one of the many people who dread the cold, snowy Winter months. Rather than living in denial that the warm Summer months are now well behind us, I’m taking precautions to prepare for the weather that is yet to come. Taking all measures to insure that my vehicle maintenance is up to date,  and that my vehicle is ready to take on the wrath of Old Man Winter.


My Dad has worked in the automotive industry my whole life, so I have always had him to lean on for auto advice. Not only that – I have also had to listen to his many lectures about the importance to preparing your vehicle for Winter and snow tires. Yep. My Dad would always insist that snow tires be installed on my vehicle by the end of October, and that they not be replaced with my all-seasons until early April. He is certainly overprotective, but I can’t say I blame him.

Over the years I have had my share of scary experiences on the road during the Winter…

On one occasion, I was driving down a hill at speeds less than 20km/hr when my car hit black ice and proceed to spin out. I narrowly missed a car that was stopped at an intersection at the bottom of the hill.

On another occasion, I was driving to work during a snow storm. I was driving according to the weather conditions. Slowly approached the final left turn before pulling into my offices parking lot when I hit black ice that pulled my vehicle towards the ditch. I was able to recover, but this situation could have ended much worse.

On another occasion, my car failed to start one evening after work. Turns out my battery chose to give out on one of the coldest days of the year.


As you can see from my experiences above… No matter how much you winterize your vehicle, and no matter how experienced of a driver you are there is no real escape from the wrath of Old Man Winter. The weather is always so unpredictable during the Winter months, as are the road conditions, which can find you in some unsettling situations. For this reason I like having the extra comfort of being enrolled with a company like CAA for roadside services and assistance.

Could you imagine if I had landed in the ditch when I hit black ice on my way to work? What about if I had hit the car that was stopped at the intersection when my vehicle spun out of the control on the hill? While my scenarios had good outcomes, it could have been much worse. Without roadside assistance, I would have incurred a huge bill for towing services and /or auto repair. Roadside assistance just provides that extra bit of piece of mind.

CAA Members get access to towing services, battery replacement, flat tire service, emergency fuel & delivery, lockout services and Member-exclusive savings and rewards. Roadside Assistance from CAA is available 24/7*, 365 days a year, and Basic Memberships start at just $69**.

Being a CAA Member also gives you exclusive access to a wealth of savings opportunities and discounts at many of your favourite retailers. Members can save on holiday gifts at PayLess Shoes, the Banana Republic Factory Store and GAP Factory Store.

CAA South Central Ontario is a not-for-profit auto club which also offers travel dealshome insurance travel insurance and auto insurance. There are more than 1.9 million CAA members in South Central Ontario and over 5.9 million members in Canada.

* Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. Please see Terms & Conditions for coverage details.

** Plus HST.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are those of my own.

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