A few weeks ago I had this lovely package show up at my door. A care package from MommiesFirst.


My MommiesFirst box included many awesome goodies, including:

Weleda Gentle Milk Cleanser & Refining Toner
I have heard so much about Weleda, but never have had the opportunity to give their products a whirl. I was ecstatic to see that the Weleda Milk Cleanser and Refining Toner were both included in my MommiesFirst care package. Being that I have sensitive skin I am very picky with the cleansers and lotions that I purchase. The Weleda Cleanser and Toner did not feel harsh upon contact with my skin. The moment I don’t have a burning flare-up upon contact I know I have found a decent skin care product. One which I can grow to love! I definitely love the Weleda Gentle Milk Cleanser & Refining Toner.

Purely Great Unscented Cream Deodorant
I will admit this wasn’t my favourite product. The Purely Great Deodorant is a water-based all-natural deodorant. It includes no harsh chemicals or aluminum. The cream works best when applied after a shower or bathing. I used this product while I was sick in bed, and it worked great…. Mind you I wasn’t up on my feet being active.

Sigrid Natural Skin Care Face Cream
This is my go-to face cream. I apply it before bed each night after a thorough wash of the face. The cream is all-natural, and is not at all oily. I love how fresh my skin feels after an application of this face cream. There is no doubt that it immediatly goes to work nourishing, hydrating and regenerating the skin.

Pure Natural Shea Hands Authentic African Shea Butter
I quite enjoyed the Pure Natural Shea Hands. A pee size application of the butter goes a long way. I apply a little bit to my feet or hands after a relaxing bubble bath. It is even perfect to apply to your hands before doing an at-home manicure. Goodness knows that I never find the time to head to the nail spa, so manicures always happen in the comfort of my living room!

What I loved most about my MommiesFirst care package was that it emphasized the importance of putting myself first, not as a new Mom, but rather during pregnancy! Seldom did I put focus on my well-being in previous pregnancies. I was too caught up in the everyday, and raising my family that I would just pushed myself aside.

I made a pact with myself that I would treat myself better during this pregnancy. I have stuck to it. Between eating healthy, exercising 5 days a week, putting my feet up when my body aches and finding time to pamper myself… I have been doing it all. It’s been a rewarding to say the least. Most days I feeling like a thousand bucks. Notice that I said most.

Cold and flu season has hit my family hard over the last 6 weeks. I have been the one feeling the brunt of it all. My MommiesFirst box arrived at a time when I was feeling quite low on myself. I was just sick and miserable. My care package reinforced that I needed to put myself first. It was a reminder to set time aside from myself, to relax and enjoy. Pregnancy is only 9 short months. It is important to make the most of those months. It was nice to set time aside to pamper myself, even if I was sick. It gave more meaning to my soaks in the bubble bath.

MommiesFirst is a Toronto-based company that can appreciate the journey that all expectant and New Mom’s embark on.

The journey of motherhood is life changing. Every path is different, but what binds us together is the love for our babies. 

MommiesFirst was created to make life for new moms a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. We aim to be a trusted resource for moms to discover products during her pregnancy and in her baby’s first year. We put mommy and baby first – you are our priority. Rather than be overwhelmed or confused by all the different “stuff” you need for your baby, our MommiesFirst Council (made up of real moms, dads, baby lovers) does the research and we send recommended products for you and your baby to enjoy. Our hope is that the care package delivered to your door is that special treat you look forward to each month and the products inside your box empower you to shop with ease and confidence.” 

MommiesFirst is a subscription service for expectant and New Moms. You can sign-up for one month or you can sign-up for a year. The care packages are tailored to your stage in pregnancy or the age of your baby. I can understand how challenging and overwhelming life as a New Mom can be. Imagine find a nice surprise in your mailbox each month. MommiesFirst is just that. A pick me up!

To learn more about MommiesFirst or to order a subscription check out their website.

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  1. Amanda @MommiesFirstbox
    November 9, 2013 at 2:52 am (4 years ago)

    Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful review. We are so glad to hear that you felt pampered in your pregnancy. It is so important to take time out for yourself! xo


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