I have never been a fan of holiday shopping. Never have been. However I have found since becoming a mother that I have really enjoyed holiday shopping for my children. For no real rhyme or reason. I really just enjoy living vicariously through their eyes on Christmas Day. It reminds me so much of my childhood. There was nothing I enjoyed more than spending time with my family and celebrating the holidays as a child. Some things just never change over the years. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about. Spending quality time with the family!

For those of who you have holiday shopping to do… Do you find it easier to shop for a little boy or little girl? Personally, I have always found shopping for a little girl much easier. There is always so much more selection in product. That being said… why is everything pink?! I regress…

This year MGA Entertainment has released some hot new toys just in time for the holidays.

How adorable are these Mooshka Dolls?

526049 Mooshka Girls Dolls Asst FW 131

These retro inspired dolls were once all paper dolls until one day they all joined hands, and through the power of friendship became sweet, huggable, and oh-so-loveable little girls. Each doll is machine washable, and comes with a paper doll, finger puppet, and access to interactive e-books.

You can visit the Mooshka website to meet each doll, and learn about each of her friends. These loveable little girls fasten hands by velcro. I have no doubt in my mind once you learn more about each doll in the group that you will want to add more than one to your collection and watch the dolls friendships blossom and flourish.

Mooshka Dolls are perfect for a child 2 years and older, and retails for $14.99 (9.5″) or $19.99 (13″).

My daughter has taken to Bratz dolls lately! So it excites me to see that MGA Entertainment has added Bratz Action Heroez to their product line.


My daughter is known to cart her dolls everywhere with her. She takes them up to bed with her each night and they are the first thing she plays with each morning until she has to head off on her way to school. I’m sure if she were allowed to bring them to school with her she would, but there comes a point where a line has to be drawn.

My daughter has such a vivid little imagination. I just love sitting back and watching her act out stories with her dolls.

Bratz Action Heroes are best friends who are on a mission to change the world! These colourful action hero’s come with a collectible figurine and an activation code to unlock an online game.

These dolls retail for $29.99 at most Canadian retailers, and are perfect for children 6 years and older.

It excites me that my daughter will be finding both a Mooshka Doll and a Bratz Action Heroez doll this Christmas. I have no doubt in my mind that she will love them both!

Disclosure: I have received products from MGA Entertainment to help cultivate this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are those of my own.

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