I don’t know about you, but I find as soon as November rolls around that I spend a lot more time in the kitchen. This tends to keep up until the New Year. Between preparing the everyday meals and essentials, I’m also preoccupied with baking and preparing additional meals for storage in the freezer. Perhaps this desire to be in the kitchen comes from the desire to “hibernate” in the cooler months. I like to blame it on my love for cooking though. Let’s face it – I’m a self professed foodie. Aren’t we all in some odd way or another?!

For this very reason I always welcome the opportunity to share my recipes with the readers of Domesticated Momma. I also welcome the opportunity to review cookware, bakeware and other various kitchen essentials.

Recently I was provided with Woll Diamond Plus Non-Stick Cookware and a Wilkinson PushPan. I haven’t had the opportunity to put the PushPan to the test yet, but I can tell you that I love the concept of it!

pushpan image

The award-winning PUSHPAN® is a unique non-stick cake pan with a removable bottom — the next evolution of the springform pan. It is the only cake pan that is completely watertight and leak-proof. The integrated silicone seal on its loose base guarantees that every cake, cheesecake and quiche is released from the pan with perfection, creating perfect presentations every time.  

“Made from heavy gage steel, PUSHPAN offers even heat distribution and require no paper lining,” says Richard Gould, president, Pangea Sales.  “Three different sizes are available and once you have tried a PUSHPAN you will never go back to regular bakeware.”

It is suggested that before using your PushPan that you lightly rub oil on the inside walls of your pan. This helps to lubricate the silicon seal. Allowing for the floating bottom to easily slide up and down the walls of the pan. After greasing your pan, you can adjust the floating bottom to the desired cake depth and pour in your cake batter. This pan does not require you to adjust the oven temperature. Once your cake is prepared you can easily remove it from the pan by placing the pan on a stable base, and then pushing down on the sides of the PushPan. The cake should easily and perfectly rise from the cake walls.

I cannot wait to put it to the test closer to Christmas once all the holiday gatherings commence and I have a desire to bake a cake. I’m thinking an Apple Pie Cheesecake or Black Forest Cake sounds delish!

The PushPan retails for the price of $19.95 for the 8-inch PushPan, and $24.95 for the 9/12 inch PushPan.

The product I have put through the ropes in is the Woll Diamond Plus Non-Stick Cookware.

Woll with Food

Made in Germany, the new WOLL Diamond Plus cookware has set a higher standard in non-stick cooking performance, due to better heat conductivity and a longer lasting, diamond-coated, non-stick surface.

 “Woll Diamond Plus cookware is far superior to other non-stick cookware products,” says Gould. “It is made of pressure cast aluminum and is dishwasher safe and metal utensil friendly.”

This past Sunday, the Woll Diamond Plus Frying Pan was put to the test. It was used to prepare our weekly Sunday brunch. On the menu was Fried Eggs Over-Easy and a Habanero Eggs in a Basket Melt.

The Woll Diamond Plus Pan took no time at all to heat up. I preheated it on our stove on a medium setting. I wasn’t surprised by this being that the Woll Diamond Plus pans are made from pressure cast aluminum, which has been coated with real diamond crystals. The heat conductivity of aluminum in combination with the heat conductivity of the diamonds is meant to result in maximizing the overall heat distribution of the pan. AND – that it did! I have never seen my eggs cook so quickly and so evenly!

After preparing my Habanero Eggs in a Basket Melt, I popped the Woll Diamond Pan into the oven to broil for a few minutes. I’m not used to the idea of just placing a frying pan in the oven without placing foil on the handle. However the Woll Diamond Plus Cookware is meant to withstand heat upwards of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning the pan was easy. Warm soapy water and a quick rinse was all it required!

I would highly recommend this pan to anyone. It’s certainly now one of my favourite cookware pieces among my kitchen. The retail price of the Woll Diamond Plus Cookware ranges between $100 and $275.00.

For anyone wondering how to prepare the Habanero Eggs in a Basket Melt. Here’s what you need…

Habanero Eggs in a Basket Melt

Habanero Eggs in a Basket Melt

  • Eggs
  • Bread
  • Margarine
  • Cherry Tomatoes (Sliced, 3 tomatoes per bread slice)
  • KRAFT Habanero Shredded Cheese


  1. Preheat oven to medium heat and warm your frying pan. At the same time also set you oven to broil.
  2. Lightly spread margarine on both sides of your bread and cut out a circle in the center of your bread. Discard excess bread that you just cut-out.
  3. Place the bread in your pan. Crack and egg, pour contents in the hole you just created in your bread.
  4. Fry the first side of your bread and egg. Once it looks cooked enough gently flip the bread over to toast the other side. You will need to use you judgement on timing.
  5. Once you feel the bread is toasted enough, and the eggs are cooked to your liking. I like my centers to be runny. Top with sliced tomatoes and Habanero Cheese, and pop your Wilkinson Woll Diamond Plus Frying Pan under the broiler until your cheese melts.

To learn more about either of these products or to shop other Cookware and Bakeware pieces, visit Pangea Direct; a site that all serious bakers and cooks will immediately fall head over heels for!

Disclosure: I have received products from Pangea Direct to help cultivate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are those of my own.

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