This pregnancy has been going fairly smoothly for me. Aside from the occasional twinges, aches and pains… I really can’t complain. It truly is a nice change for me. I found myself on bed rest for the majority of my previous pregnancies. Not to say bed rest wasn’t worth it because it was. I just am loving the freedom of not being confined the couch, resting. Rather I’m embracing my ability to be active, enjoy and relish every moment of this pregnancy.

I have been avidly trying to stay on top of eating healthy this pregnancy. I totally let myself go during my pregnancy with my son. I had severe morning sickness throughout my pregnancy with him, and the few meals I could stomach were poutine and chocolate. You can only imagine what that did to my waistline. While I still indulge in my cravings from time to time… I just to stay on top of being accountable through meal planning. I find by meal planning it prevents me for reaching for junk food.

Aside from that I try to set aside anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes a day to squeeze in a quick workout. Sometimes time isn’t in my favour, so I can only do the bare minimum. BUT – at least it’s something! Something that pulls me away from my laptop (lord knows I spend a lot of time in my office) and gets me on my feet.

Exercise during pregnancy has many great benefits. It boosts your energy, helps you sleep better, reduces certain pregnancy discomforts, helps you prepare for childbirth, and plays a role in reducing stress.

ID-10068670 While I have many prenatal exercise DVD programs that I heavily rely on. I like to switch up my workouts frequently to prevent boredom, but not only that prevent injuries, maintain motivation, and continually be challenging my body. For that reason I have a collection of online prenatal exercises that I tune into on occasion.

Here are some of my go-to online prenatal workouts:

Full Body Work-Out





Upper Body – Strength

Lower Body – Legs, Butt & Thighs



Cario (Low-Impact)

For access to other free workout series, check out the BeFitPopSugar and Tone It Up YouTube channels.

* Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. 

** Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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